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Friday, August 8, 2014

TBT A Day Late ~ Why I Was Busy ~ Bruce & Gail ~ Phil & Suzanne ~ Zucchini Recipes

Good 53ยบ clear and gonna be hot again today morning.

TBT a day late .. Here is my grandbabies, Jack and Alex a "couple" years ago... and today.... My babies.... so precious and cute! Gifts from God!

What kept me busy for a couple of days was a doc appointment with an ear neurologist, Dr. Lee on Wednesday. (He won't remember this but a few of you will  
When he walked in I told him I was amazed he wasn't Chinese!

He laughed. He said the Asian fraternities at his university were always inviting him to join them or come to their activities. He went to school in Oklahoma and So. Carolina. Super nice. Very good looking too!
Been having some problems and nobody can figure it out! Hope this time he can!!!

Then to the Law Enforcement/Fire luncheon at the golf course. What a wonderful surprise when Jerry's former Sgt from the Biscailuz Range, Bruce Harris and his wife Gail showed up. They were traveling from up north and on their way back to Torrance, Ca and decided to surprise me! Such fun. I introduced Bruce as Jerry's Sgt at the BC Range. Bruce retorted that 'yes he was a Sgt at the range, but he 'was not Jerry's Sgt. "Nobody could be Jerry's Sgt"! LOL Here is Bruce and Gail and I in Laughlin this past April for the LASD Retirement gathering. The one I took Wednesday didn't come out good...

The fare was barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers or you could order off the menu. I opted for the salmon salad. Fresh baked salmon on lettuce with Parmesan cheese, toasted bread, and an Asian dip for the salmon. GOOOOOD!!!!

Thursday, lucky me, had a root canal. The doctor specializes in that sort of thing. It's called Endodontics. Dr. Jeffery Dryden, DDS in Grants Pass. The girls in the office were soooo nice... Kirsten, Susan, and his assistant Holly. The procedure from the first numbing of the mouth to the finish was 2 hours. Also, Dr. D is extremely good looking, so it wasn't all that bad!! (Darn, no photos of him on the internet!) Today there is no pain, just a slight pressure when I press down on that tooth. Eating on the other side! Thanks all of you! One of his gals, Linda, wasn't there. She and I had talked on the phone and her husband was raised in Temple City on Muscatel and went to TC High. She said they bought their first home behind Driftwood Dairy (Lower Azusa Rd)! When she returns from Portland she and I are going to have lunch!

This from Bill Postmus..... thanks Bill!

Today is a special anniversary.... Phil and Suzanne Santisteven (both ret LASD). HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!!!  (Phil worked at Lakewood and Avalon...probably other places too. Suz worked at Lakewood.)

Not in the mood to do the whole Historical events and famous births today... so if you are interested here's a link to this date:

Click on the link and on the site click on the items you want to read more about. As for famous births, click on their name.

You will notice it's Connie Stevens birthday and Dustin Hoffman's .... the pictures they show on the link is when they were almost brand new. Here's then and today...

All I know. Happy TGIF. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
August 8th.

Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day . Now that's nasty! But hey, what are you going to do with an endless supply of zucchini fruit?
Experienced gardener's know that Zucchini is one of the most prolific plants in all of the gardening world. A single plant produces a seemingly endless supply of Zucchini. A small row of zucchini has the potential to end world hunger.
By the time August arrives, gardeners are reaping far more zucchini than they can possibly use. They use it daily in an untold number of recipes, from soups and stews, to breads and dips. Still, the fruit matures on the vine faster than anyone can even pick it. Zucchini growers become desperate, as they try to give zucchini away to family, friends and everyone they encounter. By August, even non-gardeners have had enough. Everyone avoids you, with your arms laden with giveaway fruit.
Desperate times calls for desperate measure. It's time to sneak over, under the cover of darkness, to your neighbors porch, and unload some zucchini. Today is that day. This may solve your problem for today. But, what will you do with the harvest tomorrow!?!

Since Jeannie and Bill gave me some of their zucchini, here's a recipe I'm going to try:

..... and this one!