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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lemon Couscous ~ Lemon Wasabi/Teriyaki Chicken ~ Toasted Marshmallows on Cookies


Good 48º morning. Cooler over night and should be in the 80º's today. Nice.

Yesterday was a "putter around" day. Nothing special. Since it was "Lemon Day" I decided to make a couple of things with lemon juice. One was couscous with lemon, turmeric or saffron (for color), garlic, and flat leaf parsley and basil leaves. AND, I smoked two chicken breasts after marinating them in lemon juice, wasabi/teriyaki sauce, and olive oil.



Marinate for a couple of hours.

Then into the smoker at 225º for 90 minutes. Next time I will only leave them in for an hour. They dried out too much for my taste but the second one will be good between a bun with lots of teriyaki/wasabi mayonnaise and lettuce and tomato!


For the couscous.... saute minced garlic in olive oil along with a pinch of turmeric or saffron. Then add 1 2/3 cups water, 1 t. grated lemon peel, ½ t. sea salt. Bring to boil, stir in 1½ cups couscous,remove from heat, cover, and let stand 5 minutes. Fluff with fork and add fresh herbs and 2 T. lemon juice.


If you have never had it, couscous is a great light little side to any meat or fish and it's fast to prepare.

Historically this date...
A whole bunch of stuff happened.

Births this date include.....
1896Raymond Massey, Canadian actor (d. 1983)

In the 50's and 60's he was Dr. Gillespie on Dr. Kildare.... a favorite show!

1898Shirley Booth, American actress (d. 1992)


Hazel.... another favorite TV show!

1906Joan Blondell, American actress (d. 1979)

1908Fred MacMurray, American actor (d. 1991)

1926Daryl Gates, American police chief (d. 2010)

His philosophy was that 'casual drug users' should "be taken out and shot". LAPD's most controversial Chief. Interesting man.

1939 – Elizabeth Ashley, American actress


1943 – Jean-Claude Killy, French skier


946Peggy Lipton, American actress

Married to Quincy Jones at one time. Read about her cancer
treatments. Interesting.

1951Timothy Bottoms, American actor

1963Michael Chiklis, American actor

1972Cameron Diaz, American actress


All I know. Best get to gettin'. Ciao
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
August 30th
Toasted Marshmallow Day


What a cool idea! Never thought of toasting
mallows with anything other than s'mores!