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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Harps ~ Bruiser ~ Cappuccino ~ Orange Chicken

Good 52ยบ morning. Wow, warm. Shorts day. Typical Orygun costume is shorts and a jacket. Sigh.....
So pretty yesterday with the low laying clouds....
Alas, we won't have any more dates line up (like 11-12-13 yesterday) until December next year. Then no more in our lifetime. :o(

Had to share this photo Wendy Harp, retired nurse,
posted on her FB page. I know her family from Avalon where Rick was County Fire Captain.

L-R USMC Col Jim Harp (Rick & Wendy's oldest), Rick Harp (submariner USN), USMC 2nd Lt. Mike Harp (youngest son) and Rick's brother Tim, retired USMC Major. Wow, what a family!! I remember these boys when they were little guys, you know, 30 years ago!
It was a year ago today that Bruiser was still living outside. Sleeping on the porch at times. He got into a fight and got an infection. I took him to the vets... he was made well and de-balled! Now he's in more than out and I never let him out when it's dark, either in the morning or night. Seems happy.
Now he has taken over and sits on my printer...... watching me.
As I was leaving for the market yesterday Mr. Bruiser was out wandering among the turkeys....
At the store I found some
Gevalia cappuccino...
I bought it and first thing when I got home made some... The K cups don't work in my Keurig Vue, so I have a solofill cup that I put the coffee in from the K cup...
With this cappuccino mix you add the milk packet to the coffee cup, then brew the coffee into it...WOW! Sooooo good. I made a cup as soon as I got home. Having another one now!
Last night was Orange Chicken...
I cut up some boneless skinless chicken thighs, put them in a bag with the seasoned corn starch to coat, fry in oil until golden, add orange sauce packet, I threw in some dried garlic, water, simmer. Cook rice packet and it says "serve on rice", but I mixed it in with the chicken. OMGOSH, this is SOOOO YUMMY!!!

The package also comes with some dried hot chiles... but I don't use them in this.
Historically this date....
1927 – The Holland Tunnel opens to traffic as the first Hudson River vehicle tunnel linking New Jersey to New York City.

1942 – World War II: Naval Battle of Guadalcanal – U.S. and Japanese ships engage in an intense, close-quarters surface naval engagement during the Battle of Guadalcanal.
1947 – The Soviet Union completes development of the AK-47, one of the first proper assault rifles.
1982 – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C. after a march to its site by thousands of Vietnam War veterans.

And births this date include....
1917Robert Sterling, American actor (d. 2006)

1932 – Richard Mulligan, American actor (d. 2000)
1941 – Dack Rambo, American actor (d. 1994)

1947 – Joe Mantegna, American actor

1954 – Chris Noth, American actor
1969 – Gerard Butler, Scottish actor
All I know. Happy Hump Day. Nuff said. Ciao
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 13th
Sadi Hawkins Day

Here is a holiday that originated from a cartoon. It all began in Al Capp's "Lil Abner Cartoon in the 1930's. In the cartoon series, the mayor of Dogpatch was desperate to marry off his ugly daughter. So he created Sadie Hawkin's Day. On this day, a race is held and all the single men were given a short head start. Then, all the single women, including the mayor's daughter, chased the boys. If a girl catches her man, he had to marry her. Sadie Hawkins Day races and events grew in popularity during the course of All Capp's long running cartoon. This cartoon made holiday largely died out after 40 years when the cartoon was discontinued. It can occasionally be seen celebrated on college campuses.