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Sunday, February 10, 2013

24º ~ Weber Grill ~ Sarah, Really! ~ Johnette ~ Soap Box ~ Evinrude

Good 24º (!!!!) cloudy morning. UGH. Darn cold toilet seat!! Everything frozen. Natch ... Maggie's water and the hummer feeders..... Oh the joy of Al Bore's global warmingmyass! It is supposed to warm to the high 40º's today. Whoop! Get out the volleyball net, put on some shorts, let's partaaay!

Friday Brian and I were discussing his birthday gift. He wants to buy a propane barbecue and suggested a gift card to Home Depot would be good since he already has one gift card. He said the one he's looking at is a Brinkman. Good quality. He said the Weber grills were much more expensive. I got to thinking.... went out the back door and here was my grill...
Mr. Weber! It looks pathetic. Then I thought ... I haven't even used this since Jerry died! OMG. I opened the lid and there was a bunch of wasp nests AND a paper wasp nest!

On top of that, the barbecue is a mess. In need of a major scrubbing. Maybe even some barbecue paint! Guess that will be a project when the weather warms. Joy.

Oh, and several doubting Thomases said that wasn't Sarah Palin in the tight skinny jeans. Here is another one of her...
Yes, this looks more like Sarah! See, it really is her!
Go here and you can read about her 35 pound weight loss...

This crazy man, Christopher Dorner, former LAPD who is on the killing spree.... has been dropped by at least 3 women (a girlfriend, LASD wife, LAPD wife) because to quote them "he's severely emotionally and mentally disturbed". AND he has guns.... was there nobody in his life to see that he got help? Guess not. What about his mother in La Palma????

Today is a barbecue in honor of PatC's sister Johnette's birthday. I will join PatC, Timinator, and Johnette at Debbie and Tom's for food and libations. Looking forward to seeing Deb's new remodeled kitchen. There was to be a Christmas gathering there but they were one of those hit with a power outage for a week.

Historically this date....
1954President Dwight Eisenhower warns against United States intervention in Vietnam.

1962 – Captured American U2 spy-plane pilot Gary Powers is exchanged for captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel.

1981 – A fire at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel-casino kills eight and injures 198.

And births this date include....
1893Jimmy Durante, American actor and comedian (d. 1980)

1906Lon Chaney Jr., American actor (d. 1973)

1930 – Robert Wagner, American actor

1950Mark Spitz, American swimmer

Stand by.... getting on ......
I have a neighbor who is, for one, obsessive compulsive about trimming trees and bushes (worked as a gardener for a city in the SF Bay area prior to retiring here) and using his leaf blower for what seems like hours and hours. That's one thing we were happy to be away from in the city!!! Grrrrrrrrr.... Anyway, he's got 20 acres and puts his (very frequent) burn pile down at the end of his property by my gate and right by Frank and Cindy's house (arrow). The smoke inundates their house and property! No way can you have a window open or even go outside without being surrounded in smoke! SO IRRITATING~!

The neighbor, Gerrard, even started a big burn pile on a holiday last year when Frank & Cindy had an outdoor barbecue planned! This inconsiderate boob needs to put the burn pile up on the hill near his own house! What can you expect, these people won't even let their dog in their house, even in the WINTER when it's freezing and let it sit outside the slider and look a them with their cozy wood stove fire! (Got words for them!) OK, done.

That Bruiser is so funny.
He gets up on the bed and close to my face or head, puts one paw at least, touching me, and then starts in purring! He sounds like an "Evinrude". OMG! Funny. Baby Bruiser the Evinrude~!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 10th
Umbrella Day
Umbrella Day is in honor of one of the world's most invaluable inventions. On a rainy, day, we are sure glad that someone was smart enough to invent it. It's also increasingly popular to use umbrellas to shade ourselves from harmful UV radiation, and the heat of the sun. Umbrellas come in all sorts of sizes, colors, shapes, and, designs. Businesses and organizations use them for advertising. The smallest umbrellas fit inside a purse or glove compartment. Golf umbrellas are popular sizes. Then, there are lawn and beach umbrellas. There's one (or two) made just for you.