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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ducks In Water ~ Landscape Gardener ~ Watermelon Martini ~ Ravioli In Lemon Butter Sauce

Good 51º clear birds chirping morning. Watched the L.A. news last night. OMG the temperatures in the state are outrageous! 107-109º. You'd think that was Arizona! We were at 91º.
I should have posted this yesterday, but forgot. YEAH Richard Ramirez is dead!
Ricardo Muñoz Ramirez
Also known asThe Walk-In Killer, The Night Stalker
Born(1960-02-29)February 29, 1960El Paso, Texas
DiedJune 7, 2013(2013-06-07) (aged 53)Greenbrae, California
Cause of deathLiver failure
13 counts of murder
5 counts of attempted murder
11 counts of sexual assault
14 counts of burglary

Re today's date......     6-9 ... we won't go there!


OMG, this will put a smile on your face... got it from George Bachmeier (LASD ret)...Thanks George! These poor ducks had never seen water.


Yesterday I got a call from Aaron, the landscape gardener ..the one who didn't show up the day before. Poor guy, his truck broke down and he didn't get home til midnight. Forgave him. He came over and we talked about the garden and the walkway by the front door. He's got some good ideas, will help with the garden, and he's a super nice guy. And a dog lover! He'll be here on Monday to fix a water problem in the garden and then have a date he can start on the repair of the raised beds and putting down new gravel etc. Probably in 2 weeks.


As for chores yesterday was beyond exciting. I vacuumed, dusted, used a pumice stone in the toilet to remove stains from the hard water. I was going to mow but a doe was laying under the trampoline and one by a bush and I didn't want to disturb them.

So I washed the golf cart... even with the soaked grass, the Bruise decides to lay under it in the shade... NUT!

Then, I made watermelon juice for a martini.....
Use the small seedless watermelons. Cut up into pieces and put in food processor. Process until liquid. Strain. I like 1 part watermelon to 1 part vodka.


Historically this date....
1856 – Five-hundred Mormons leave Iowa City, Iowa, and head west for Salt Lake City carrying all their possessions in two-wheeled handcarts.

1934Donald Duck makes his debut in The Wise Little Hen.

1953Flint-Worcester tornado outbreak sequence: a tornado spawned from the same storm system as the Flint tornado hits in Worcester, Massachusetts, killing 94.

1972 – Severe rainfall causes a dam in the Black Hills of South Dakota to burst, creating a flood that kills 238 people and causes $160 million in damage.

1973 – In horseracing, Secretariat wins the Triple Crown.

2007 – In horseracing, Rags to Riches was the first filly in 106 years to win the Belmont Stakes Belmont Stakes.


And births this date include....
1961Michael J. Fox, Canadian-American actor, producer, and author
   (with his twin daughters, his wife, and son)

1963 – Johnny Depp, American actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and musician

1973 – Tedy Bruschi, American football player of my all time favorite Patriots players. Not only accomplished football player, but a saxophonist and played with the Boston Pops! He had a stroke in 2005, came back to play and has 3 SuperBowl rings! Now works for ESPN.


Dinner was Rosetto Chicken & Herb ravioli. I thawed it and sauteéd it, then boiled it. Usually I do it the other way around, but it worked fine. Then I put it back in the pan with drained diced tomatoes, dried leeks, and some of Safeway's Select Simmer Sauce. This one is Lemon Butter. It's made with a blend of butter, crisp white wine, onions, zesty lemon, and garlic. OMGOOOOOD! RUN to Safeway and buy some!


All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Brian I hope you and Tucker have a great golf game. PICTURES please!!! Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 9th
National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day