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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Colors ~ AWESOME Video of Bats Bees Butterflies & Hummingbirds ~ Grilled Apple Sausage w/ Pasta Peppers Mushrooms

Good 37º morning. It rained last night and looks like total from yesterday is about 1/4". Stayed rather chilly all day. Maggs and I took a ride in the golf cart and had to really bundle up!

Not too much exciting for the haps yesterday. Harley shared one of my meals... here he is eating the rice and bell peppers...
Silly cat, he'll eat anything I eat!

I did go into town and got my hair cut. Had a fun visit with Leah, my hairdresser. Coming home the turning trees were so beautiful I had to stop and take a picture....
There isn't a fall show anywhere that has anything on Southern Oregon!

The acronym for today is:
You have to spend 4 minutes and watch this... hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and bats. AMAZING slow-mo up close photography!
Thanks Terri for this!

Today my friend, Candy Havercroft, is celebrating her birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDY! I know you have your BFF Jan visiting from So. Cal so I'm sure you will be out and about on a marathon shopping day~ Have fun girls.

Historically this date...
2008Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be elected President of the United States.
...........................Don't get me started on that arrogant self-serving lying piece of garbage.

And births this date include....
1879Will Rogers, American humorist (d. 1935)

1913Gig Young, American actor (d. 1978)
1916Walter Cronkite, American news broadcaster (d. 2009)
1916 – Ruth Handler, American businesswoman and inventor of the Barbie doll (d. 2002)

1937Loretta Swit, American actress

I miss your sweetness, style, and sincerity.

1961 – Ralph Macchio, American actor

1969 – Matthew McConaughey, American actor
Dinner last night .... I found some apple sausage in the freezer, thawed them, and grilled them on the indoor grill... cooked some tortellini, sauteéd mushrooms and yellow and orange bell pepper. Then put all into a pot with fire roasted tomatoes and about half a block of fat free cream cheese. Added a handful of baby spinach, put on the lid, and heated it all up.

Saw the feral kitty way up in the pasture on a hunt...

She is so pretty and looks very healthy.

All I know. I have a 25% off coupon for Harry and David, will stop there and then to Costco later. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
November 4th
King Tut Day