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Monday, February 4, 2013

More WD40 ~ Super Bowl Food and Game Day ~ Joe

Good 35º looks like rain coming morning. All this cold and fog has the moss growing everywhere! UGH.

Getting some good info re WD40. This came from Ed Chenal (ret LASD) "It is safe to spray it on electrical. I've done it many times."
... and he sent this website with 2000+ uses for WD40. Amazing!

After spraying it under the hood on my truck, still no critters!

Yesterday early was spent cooking for Brian and Jen's Super Bowl party. I made taquitos, guacamole, hot wings, cilantro/blue cheese dipping sauce, and Dee's Salsa/Cheese spread.

For the taquitos, I used two 1+ pound packages of ground beef and 48 tortillas. You can add whatever flavorings and additions to the meat as you choose (i.e. onions, chilies, etc). Heat the tortillas 12 at a time in the microwave on a towel. 30 seconds, flip the pile and another 30 seconds. Keep wrapped in towel. Add the meat along one edge, roll tight, and let sit until time to fry. Fry golden and drain on paper towels. Keep warm in crockpot on "Warm" or "Low".

The guacamole that goes with... is avocados, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper.

Chicken wings....

I cut the pointy tips off the wings, rinse off and pat dry. Coat with olive oil (or your choice) and bake at 400º until browned (about 1 hour... turning a couple of times). Mix a bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce with a cube of butter, melt in microwave. Dip each wing in the sauce, keep warm in a crockpot on low. Pour remaining sauce back in bottle and serve with....

Dee Yellin's Salsa-Cheese spread...... great with the taquitos or spread on crackers or toast. 1 jar of your fav salsa & grated cheese.... how easy it that!

Cilantro-Blue Cheese dipping sauce... (good on the taquitos or the chicken...or a salad. Got recipe from Tammy (Modesto .. mom of Mr. Big Stuff the rescued black lab) and from Jeannie (BFF) and I modified it (natch) adding blue cheese, Tabasco, and Greek yogurt (1 cup) instead of milk to the mayo (1 cup), fresh lime (I used True Lime..dry) and cilantro (1 bunch, stems removed) and garlic (3 cloves grated) and 1/2 pkg Ranch Dressing mix ..... Put all in food processor.

Wow, yesterday's Super Bowl.... was interesting, to say the least. Not all that thrilled with the outcome, but some really good plays.... Kaepernick's touchdown run and setting a SB record and the 104 yard return by the Ravens was a jaw dropper. The 35 minute stadium blackout and game delay was not fun! I figures a 49er fan worked there and did it to change the "mojo" (as Brian called it) for the 9ers!

Some of the player's names were totally odd.... like on the Ravens... Ayanbadejo (I's a bad Joe) and Ihedigbo (I he dig Bo) omg, and the QB Flacco (flaco in Spanish is "skinny") and then there was Al Gore's son Frank on the 49ers.... LOL.


Jen had done her usual amazing party fare... hoagie sandwiches... deli meat, cheese, bacon (some of it jalapeño bacon...OMGOOD!), chicken nuggets, meatballs, and cupcakes. Tucker made 49er and Raven cupcakes and a Lego stadium for the table...


The taquitos and wings with "a-crue-de-mon"....

Tucker and Sami played "football" out front while waiting for their friends to arrive...


Brian had his big projection screen set up in the backyard ..
even with the heater out there, it was still too cold to watch outside!
.... besides the 3 TVs in the living room, one in the kitchen area, one just inside the front door, and one on the patio... oh yes, and one in the "yellow room" for the kids to watch other than football!

I had my game beer..... (saved the napkin for you Jeannie!)

The kids had fun playing and dressing up and Jen played cards with the girls...

Little Ben is shy and hides from the camera!

In all, 11 adults and close to same number of children! (10) Several professions represented... the medical with two doctors and a nurse and Ben the Chiropractor. Retail rep by Dan the Ace Guy! Investments with Shad with Edward Jones and Bri of State Farm.
Lots of wonderful food, including Jean's spinach wraps, and a good time was had by all. Only one had to leave, Dr. Steve, a pediatrician, had to go to the hospital, a patient was having a baby! Thanks Jen and Brian for all your hard work! Your friends are great and I enjoyed them.

Love you guys!!! ♥

Our buddy Joe Kirk (LASD ret.) is celebrating his birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!

(Joe's last day of work, Avalon Station, 2010)

For historical haps and birthdays go to the archives on the left, click on 2011, click on February, click on February 4 and you can read them there.

All I know. Happy Monday. Ciao.

xo Sue Mom Bobo
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