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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~ 1/3" Rain ~ Grape Salad ~ Camera Day ~

Good 58º cloudy morning. Pressure coming back up, no rain predicted, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the looks of my mountain!

Total rainfall yesterday was .33"

Today is the 180th day of the year, with 185 days remaining.

Ok, this is just too interesting. It is a "human clock" with all these little naked men ... 

You will have to copy and paste it to your browser... sorry.
It will tell you what time it is whatever time zone you are in and if you click on it anywhere it will change to digital.  Amazing! Thanks Jimmy (Pierce ...former LASD pilot extrodinaire!) for this. xo

Now here is another favorite recipe of mine. First thing you will do is turn up your nose and say, "Ewwwwww". Be open minded, please.
This came from Jerry's dad's mom, Lena Edwards Maxwell, a Texas lady who always made this to go with her fried chicken.

Grape- Peanut Butter Salad
1 bunch green seedless grapes, rinsed, drained and off the stem.
1 cup (or thereabouts) of Best Foods Mayonnaise
1 cup (or thereabouts) of creamy peanut butter
Mix the peanut butter and mayonnaise together until smooth and add grapes. Stir. Amounts of peanut butter and mayo depend on the amount of grapes.
Be brave and try this. OMG it is sooooo good. Addictive! And kids absolutely adore it. Once the mayo and pb are blended it cuts the pb taste and there is no mayo taste. Compliments cold grapes!

Warmed to what felt like about 75º but with a breeze it was only 71º. Stayed cloudy all day. This was 3:30pm ....

.... and this was 6:30pm...

So, what happens is ..... when company leaves .. Harley beats feet upstairs to his favorite napping spot!

I have watering cans around the porch and learned painfully a long time ago that little tree frogs love being inside the watering cans. But, the spouts have too small a diameter and the frogs would get stuck, one died trying to get out. So, now I cut off the spout so it's big enough for Mr. Froggy ....

Animal lovers you have got to see this video Ben Hunt sent me. It's a pitbull  and a kitten. OMG, I was laughing out loud!
Historically this date....

1974Isabel Perón is sworn in as the first female President of Argentina. Her husband, President Juan Peron, had delegated responsibility due to weak health and died two days later.
1974 – Mikhail Baryshnikov defects from the Soviet Union to Canada while on tour with Bolshoi Ballet.
And births this date include.... 
1919Slim Pickens, American actor (d. 1983)

1944Gary Busey, American actor

Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, assaults, many arrests, and all 'supposedly' related  to a non-helmet wearing motorcycle accident in 1988 that left him "impaired".
.... and today is Steve Skrnich's 55th birthday. Dave is a Sgt on LASD and was an Explorer Scout at Temple when Jerry worked there. He hero-worshiped Jerry and emulated him, down to the huge old cigar! Jerry taught Dave to drive in our yellow 1955 Chevy pick-up. Not easy to master for a kid, a "three on the tree", break, gas pedal, and starter button on the floor. Jerry said he "hiccupped" all the way across the Daines Dr./El Monte Ave! Hi David!! Miss you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (How'd you get this old???)

Had a very special phone call last night. An old high school pal, Gary (Duke) Rovarino! We never dated, but did hold hands in English Lit class.  He was on the Sheriff's Department and retired in 1997. What a blast from the past to hear his voice. I saw him a few times around the department (you have to realize, we had 10,000 sworn personnel so you can't see everyone!) but the one time that stuck in my mind was at our annual Chili Cook-Off and he was cooking for SEB in a long sleeved white shirt without a spot of chili on it!!! Amazing. I must have a picture of that somewhere!

This is his high school picture. Thanks for the call Duke!!!

All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Mom-Soupy-Sue
June 29th
Camera Day

Wow! Cool!