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Friday, March 4, 2011

~ Patty & Cliff ~ PatT ~ HUG a GI Day

Good 38ยบ morning. Very cloudy. Got .17" rain yesterday. Just enough so you had to turn on the windshield wipers every couple of minutes or so.....
So, yesterday was exciting as they come... Maggie and I went to town. I took her by the vets to weigh in. OMG, she's lost 10 pounds since on the new meds. She has NO appetite. She doesn't even want treats! Left a note for the vet. Then to the pharmacy for more Zicam, Musinex, and Maggie's allergy pills. The market for dog food, cat food, a chicken (went straight into the crockpot) and St. Pat's headgear for Maggie's St. Paddy's Day photo! (you will have to wait for that!). Maggs and I stopped at Dave and Pat's to feed the fish out back in the big water trough.  They were happy happy happy.... One of these days I'll remember to get a picture!
I am so disgusted with my printer I ordered a new one from Dell. OMG, it was cheaper and had more bells and whistles than any of them at Staples! Yeah. And it's wireless, prints, scans, and faxes. Interesting. Will be here in a few days, and even FREE shipping!!!
Looked like this most of the day... and rained on and off...
Historically this date....
1789 – In New York City, the first Congress of the United States meets, putting the United States Constitution into effect.
1861Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated for his first term as President of the United States.
1951 - Patty and Cliff got married! HAPPY 60th ANNIVERSARY!!!
I love you guys!!!! xo
Births on this date include....
1888 – Knute Rockne, American football player and coach (d. 1931)
1906 – Charles Rudolph Walgreen, Jr., American businessman (d. 2007)
1913 – John Garfield, American actor (d. 1952)
1926Richard DeVos, American billionaire, co-founder of Amway
1938 – Paula Prentiss, American actress
1958Patricia Heaton, American actress
1969Chaz Bono, American actor and gay rights activist
....and today is my friend PatT's 80th birthday. You'd never know her age!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pat!
All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Mom-Soupy-Sue
March 4th
Hug A GI Day!
Allllll right!
God Bless them all!