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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mistake On News ~ Cheeta's Transformation ~ Idiots ~ Pest Control ~ Veggie/Pupusa Rerun ~ Posing Nude ~ Dana Janie Tim Bob Catherine

Good 55º clear gonna be hot again morning.

I was watching our local news last night and they did a segment on LASD and the overweight/obese deputies who were going to start dieting and taking off the extra weight. They interviewed a 20 year motor Deputy. They said there were 1800 sworn on the department.

Quote from Wikipedia:
"The LASD is the largest sheriff's department, and the fourth largest local policing agency in the United states. There are more than 18,000 employees, over 9100 sworn, and over 8000 civilians. There are an additional 4200 civilian volunteers, 900 Reserve Deputies, and 400 Explorer Scouts."
I called the station and told them that was incorrect that the department had 10,000 sworn when I worked there and the number has to be close to that. I think they may have read the 18,000 and screwed up with their statement. Oh well, straightened them out!

Cheeta, Tarzan's chimpanzee's transformation......

(the following sent by my friend Greg.....True!)
Thanks to all the fools.....
Hamas is attacking.
Israel is defending.
Russia is invading.
The Middle East is smoldering.
Boko Haram is massacring.
ISIS is marching.
Iran and N Korea are threatening.
American cities are crumbling.
Our southern border is dissolving.
Our debt is skyrocketing.
Americans are hurting.
Our enemies are laughing.
Obama is fundraising AND golfing.

Thanks to all the fools that voted for this idiot…….

Yesterday the pest control guy for day 1 of this project was to be here at 8am. I was up, dressed, got the blog out, and then waited and waited! At 9:30 I called the company. They got the schedule all screwed up! Groan............... So Josh showed up at 11am. He took out the insulation in the barn by the stairs then he sprayed the whole barn area and around the house and put some type of bait in/under the two madrone trees the ground squirrels have burrowed under.

Lunch was almost reruns.... I put a pupusa in a dish, topped it with some precooked stir-fry veggies I had cooked in a little oil and a bit of water the day before, heated it in the micro, topped with Parmesan cheese. YUMMMMMMM!!!!

Then it was time to clean out the freezer again and search for something new. Oh, I found lots of goodies. One was a lobster tail... and crab cakes! Tomorrow.....

And historical haps and famous births:
Fess Parker, Eydie Gormé, Robert Culp, Lesley Ann Warren, Madonna, Steve Carell ...

GUESS WHO this is..... posing nude!!! OMG
It's Betty White. Whodda thought!!!

Dana and his friend Bob came over to take a look at the stamping machine in the barn. Jerry used it to cut out holsters from leather. They measured everything. Then later they came back with Dana's wife Janie, who I hadn't seen in AGES!, their son Tim (who has a leather shop in Rogue River), and Bob's wife Catherine. The guys went to the barn and got the machine moved close to the front barn door. The girls and I had wine! It was a nice visit!

All I know. Happy Saturday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xoxo Sue Mom Bobo
August 16th