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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Amusing ~ Blueberry Smoothie ~ Yosemite Photos ~ Kate's Redwood Bar & Grill

Good 52º clear sunny morning. Predictions for 91º and partly cloudy ....

This is fun... titled "How to amuse people"... from Lynn Helbing (LASD ret)   Thanks Lynn, it amused me!!!

Well, today my friend Judy leaves for Hawaii with her grandson Brad. Bon Voyage Judy. Hope your trip is wonderful!

Breakfast  .... smoothie.... apple, blueberries, and coconut milk...YUMMM!!!  I also added in 1/4 cup flaxseed..


George Bachmeier (LASD ret) sent a link with Yosemite Fire photos... OMG!

And here is smoke filled Reno...

Historically this date....
1957U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond begins a filibuster to prevent the Senate from voting on Civil Rights Act of 1957; he stopped speaking 24 hours and 18 minutes later, the longest filibuster ever conducted by a single Senator.

2003 – An electricity blackout cuts off power to around 500,000 people living in south east England and brings 60% of London's underground rail network to a halt.
2011Hurricane Irene strikes the United States east coast, killing 47 and causing an estimated $15.6 billion in damage.

And births this date include....
1925Donald O'Connor, American singer, dancer, and actor (d. 2003)
1930 – Ben Gazzara, American actor (d. 2012)

1943David Soul, American actor
.... would NEVER have recognized him! 
1958Scott Hamilton, American figure skater
1969 – Jack Black, American actor
Yesterday was fun. 28 miles from here to Wonder and to Kates Redwood Bar and Grill. A couple scenes along the way...

I arrived first, next came Jeannie and Bill and their friend Paul, who is up here for a few days getting his father-in-law settled into a care facility...
Me, Bill Patterson, Paul Holt, Jeannie Patterson (Sherry, we missed you!)
The rest of the gang showed up...
L-R Tom Corso, Dale Yellin, Dee Yellin, Jim Jacobs (LA Deputy DA ret LASD Reserve), Oli Jacobs, and nut Kathy Corso. (Can't get this gal to pose straight! LOL)
Lunch was GREAT! I had a Santa Fe Burger with jalapeno mayo and pepper jack cheese, pickles, lettuce, onion, and tomato. OMGOOD!!!! Their fries were also just the BEST! Crispy and yummmmm....
Bob Havercroft joined us and his Santa Fe Burger was with American cheese (he's such a patriot!)
He didn't want his picture taken! (Ok, Bob, so I made it little!)
I really enjoyed the food and our friends. The owner is Kate who has the place for sale, along with the house in the back as she wants to retire. Her daughter, Mame, is one of the cooks. Nice nice people!!! Got me hooked on those burgers! Will be going back.
A group of bikers showed up, not outlaw, just Harley riders. All friendly. One old dude with Semper Fi on his vest. We chatted a minute.
We all departed, Bill Jeannie and Paul off to an undisclosed rendezvous for a drink, Bob to get his "honey do" list taken care of, and the rest of us went to Dale and Dee's for a glass of wine on their deck. Beautiful!!
It was really nice to see the Jacobs. Been a long time. I worked with Jim as a Reserve and he also rode with our Choirboy MC group. Safe trip back home guys! xo
All I know. Happy Hump Day. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
August 28th
National Cherry Turnover Day

Here is a Cherry Turnover recipe using crescent rolls...