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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Salad w/ Lemon Dressing ~ Pupusa w/ Egg ~ LE/Fire Lunch ~ Linda & Andy ~ Crown Roast of Pork and Cereal

Good 33º foggy morning. We had some rain yesterday and the snow was on the very tops of the mountains. We only have a 30% chance of rain today.

Night before last I was hungry for a salad. Mixed up baby spinach, avocado, carrots, broccoli, and sweet peppers. Made a dressing of mayonnaise, lemon juice, and olive oil (infused with lemon). Whisk it all together. YUMMMMMM! (P.S. I store lemon juice in an old wine bottle "Mad Housewife Chard".....)

Yesterday was the LE/Fire lunch. Only two of us LASD attending, Dale and I .... so some of the LAPD guys asked us to join their table. Nice. One guy, Walter, 90 years old and retired for 40 years! He has a lady who takes him to church and the LE functions, her name is Carolyn and she used to be one of LASD's radio room dispatchers! Two other LAPD guys, Lee who is a client of my Brian's (State Farm), and Frank who worked El Sereno...where I grew up. Frank and I had a fun chat about old El Sereno ... the American Legion Hall where many dances took place (and fights), Curries Ice Cream, Manny's Tacos....

I had sauteéd a pupusa (cornmeal stuffed with cheese) and cooked and egg for breakfast. Put some Frank's Hot Sauce over the top. Had it with some avocado, pepper, carrot salad ... . OMG!!!


Of course, then I wasn't hungry for lunch. So, I ordered the deli sandwich and soup. Ate the soup and brought the sandwich home for dinner!

If you haven't seen the news.... read this!

What in the heqq is the wuss in the White House going to do? Get on his jet and go play golf? Or..... the Idiot President could send that other idiot Dennis Rodman back over there, because after all Dennis did say, “He loves power. He loves control,” Rodman said, of his new “friend.” “But guess what? He doesn’t want war. That’s one thing he doesn’t want.”  I think I'm going to throw up!

UPSETTING to say the least!

Today my two pals, Linda and Andy Nantz, are celebrating 49 years of marriage! Wow. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!!!
Andy was in the Marines with Jerry. (I need a newer picture Linda...this one is about 3 years old!)

Historically this date....
1965Bloody Sunday: A group of 600 civil rights marchers are forcefully broken up in Selma, Alabama.

1968Vietnam War: The United States and South Vietnamese military begin Operation Truong Cong Dinh to root out Viet Cong forces from the area surrounding Mỹ Tho.

1986Challenger Disaster: Divers from the USS Preserver locate the crew cabin of Challenger on the ocean floor.

1989Iran and the United Kingdom break diplomatic relations after a row over Salman Rushdie and his controversial novel, The Satanic Verses.

And births this date include...
1934 – Willard Scott, American television broadcaster

1942Tammy Faye Bakker, American televangelist (d. 2007)



All I know. Nuff said. More work on my taxes today. UGH. Happy Thursday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 7th.
National Crown Roast of Pork Day

National Cereal Day