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Monday, September 12, 2011

Brian Jen's New House ~ 6 Deer! ~ Stray Dogs

Good 54º morning. Just under the triple digit mark yesterday. Only 97º.


Went to see Brian and Jen's new house. It's so lovely. Beautifully landscaped backyard, koi pond, above ground swimming pool, hot tub. Just perfect!


Jen is a busy busy girl taking down all the wallpaper inside. Steaming it is a slow process. They have a great view out the front of the house ... across the valley and the mountains. The previous owners told them that on the 4th of July all they have to do is put their chairs out in front and they can see the fireworks! Cool. I didn't get a good picture of their view because of all the smoke in the air. Couldn't see through it!

This from a high school friend, retired LA Co Fireman..(most likely from his wife Tally!) But, good to know... Life saving instructions:


I'm still giggling! Thanks Tally!


Historically this date..
1952 – Strange occurrences, including a monster sighting, take place in Flatwoods, West Virginia.

1958Jack Kilby demonstrates the first integrated circuit.

1983 – A Wells Fargo depot in West Hartford, Connecticut, United States, is robbed of approximately US$7 million by Los Macheteros.

1984Dwight Gooden sets the baseball record for strikeouts in a season by a rookie with 246, previously set by Herb Score in 1954. Gooden's 276 strikeouts that season, pitched in 218 innings, set the current record.

2008 – The 2008 Chatsworth train collision in Los Angeles between a Metrolink commuter train and a Union Pacific freight train kills 25 people

And births this date include....
1818Richard Gatling, American firearms inventor (d. 1903)


1888Maurice Chevalier, French singer and actor (d. 1972)


1913Jesse Owens, American athlete (d. 1980)


1931 – George Jones, American country music singer


1940Linda Gray, American actress


1944 – Barry White, American singer (d. 2003)


.... What a voice! We had a Deputy at Lakewood Station who could immitate that same voice and when he was dispatching he'd make his announcements in his Barry White voice! Too fun....

1957Rachel Ward, English actress


1977 – James McCartney, British musician, son of Paul McCartney

He's an odd one!

And today is the birthday of pal, Big Dave!


Here he is cookin' on his birthday last year. Whatcha cookin' for us this year D???? ♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!!!! ♪♫ Got something special for ya!!! See ya later..... :o)

... and today is also the birthday of Alice Reardon. ♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE ♪♫!!!! Hope Patrick takes you out for a fun and expen$ive dinner!!! P.S. Your card is late, but it will get there eventually.

I looked out back yesterday and there were 6 deer! They were happily munching on the grass ....
... see, why I don't have to mow back there!


Then Maggie started barking. I didn't see anything until all of a sudden there were three dogs at the front and they were all sniffing Maggie through the fence! I went out and they were all sweet and friendly. Now what? I couldn't corral them in the yard because Animal Control doesn't work on Sunday. Only one, the black dog, had a collar but no tag. Grrrrrrrr..... I wanted to do something, but really didn't know what. They eventually, after drinking water, left up towards the pond and possibly where they live. I pray they got home ok. I was a worried mess. Beautiful dogs.


All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
September 12th
Chocolate Milkshake Day