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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Still Here! ~ Roasted Vegetables w/ Quinoa ~ Jeannie

Good 53º morning. Yesterday was another one of 100º. In fact it was hotter in Brookings yesterday than in Medford. Hit 100º and today is predicted for 101º. It's on the coast for crying out loud!

In regards to the President's speech about spending more money, $450 BILLION DOLLARS,to create jobs ....

(Thanks for that Trish!)

Thanks to Lynn Helbing for this...
If when you travel and put your valuables in a hotel
room safe, watch this....

Yesterday I aired up the tires on the weed sprayer, sprayed the barn road with weed killer, sprayed berry bushes, and mowed the front yard. The back grass is being taken care of by the deer and the turkeys. I don't have to mow! I just water. Such good little critters to keep the grass down for me!

Dinner was veggies (zucchini & summer squash (thank you Cindy), red onion (nothing better than roasted red onion!), broccoli, crookneck squash, and cherry tomatoes (thank you Jeannie)


Toss all with olive oil, seasonings (garlic powder, sea salt, pepper) and roast in 400º for 45 minutes.


I made some Quinoa to go with...


The red onion is so savory and the broccoli gets all crispy. Really good. If I had any garlic cloves I would have added them too, as they get sweet and soft.

Sunset was pretty orange last night..


...and out in the yard were these three turkeys... one (middle) was a Jake for sure, the one on the left it was unknown (could be a hen) but had the attention of the Jake and the one on the right was a baby, just out of the "chick" stage.


Historically this date...

1943 – World War II: German forces begin their occupation of Rome.

And births this date includes....
1929 – Arnold Palmer, American golfer


1934 – Roger Maris, American baseball player (d. 1985)


1949 – Bill O'Reilly, American "journalist" and commentator


1953 – Amy Irving, American actress

... and today is my special friend, Jeannie's birthday.


Wow, 9-10-11. Won't happen again. What a cool birthday!
Have a GREAT day and a fun celebration! Wine for me.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
September 10th
National TV Dinner Day