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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yoga 4 Winos ~ Crystal Palace ~ Annalee ~ Humane Society ~ Bruiser to Vets

Good 48º somewhat foggy morning. ♫♩♬ We're havin' a heat wave,♫♩♬ a tropical heat wave.....♫♩♬

Sent by Gator, but as a download, so found it on Youtube, now it can be watched without downloading:
"Yoga For Wine Lovers" Cute! Gonna learn this.


And speaking of wine .... my pal Jeannie gave me this wine rack she had secreted away in a dark corner and not using... I filled it up!


Yes, the ice box is antique. I saw it and loved it and told my Darling about it. So as a surprise for Christmas my sister Marion and Jerry bought it for me! The martini neon sign is lit at appropriate times. I do have an A rating in my kitchen! (LOL) and the Tombstone poster is for my Mom and Dad, they eloped and were married there in 1926. AND I loved the movie. Went to Tombstone with Marion and my son Brian. Interesting place. We had drinks in the Crystal Palace Bar. Here's two photos of the Crystal Palace, old and new.......some reconstruction gone on there!


Today my high school pal Annalee (Carlin) Fortini is celebrating her special day... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!!! Still so pretty!

Anne and her husband Led have a home/garden/design business in San Louis Obispo......

Yesterday Jeannie and I went to the Rogue Valley Humane Society. OMG... I wanted all the animals!!! Here are some of the cats that were precious beyond words and some sooooo colorful... one in particular was putting the make on Jeannie!

Hi. Wanna take me home??

 Don't wake me up, please....

My Harley's twin:


....and then there were the dogs ... Here is Molly and Dolly! So cute, Chihuahua and Dachshund mix....

This was the most precious pup ever! I wanted him in the worst way. He was never still but you can see his cuteness!

After that Jeannie went her way and I went to Sears and bought a new washing machine. Lucky me, it will be delivered today! Yeah. Then PJ helped me and I got Bruiser into a cat cage... and off to the vets we went....

He was not happy but resisted little. Dr. Ron said his temp was almost 106º! Normal is 101º. He obviously had an infection and many scabs on his head and his left eye is gooey. Probably the result of a fight. So he will stay there for a few days, get his infection under control and have his manly nuggets removed. (Might as well, hopefully will curtail further fights) The first thing the doc did was clip his claws... and didn't even charge me extra for extra toes he has (Polydactyl cats have extra toes on one or more paws)

Sorry no room for Historical stuff or Birthdays of the rich and famous. See the archives on the left. Scroll down to 2011 and/or 2010 and click the arrow to open and go to November 14.

Hope your Hump Day is good. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 14th
National Guacamole Day
Mmmmmmmm might have to make some of that!
For some 'guacamole history':

National Pickle Day
The sign is the way PJ feels about pickles! LOL
I love pickles....especially my green tomato pickles!