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Saturday, January 17, 2015

RAIN! ~ Aging Secrets ~ Tap Rock Lunch ~ Sami's Pictures ~ Joe & Jo Ann

Good 46ยบ pouring rain morning.
From Thursday night to yesterday morning we got 1" of rain! I couldn't read the gauge when I was doing the blog because it was still too dark. Here's today's radar:

This funny from Deewayne Honnee Pberger:
Interview  with 101 year-old Hattie Mae MacDonald of Feague,  Kentucky: 

Reporter:  Can you give us some  health tips for reaching the age of 101?
Hattie:   For better digestion I drink beer.  In the case of appetite loss  I drink white wine.  For low blood pressure I drink Red  Wine.  In the case of high blood pressure I drink scotch.   And when I have a cold I drink Schnapps.
Reporter:  When do you drink water?
Hattie:   I've never been that sick
Yesterday Nancy and I went to Tap Rock for lunch. Jennifer met us there. It was great. (Playing with my new iPhone!)

Jennifer had the crab (fresh) salad that she loved. Nancy had a salad she loved. (Gobbled it down Nancy!)  I had the flatbread pizza with chicken that I loved! So good and crispy. Yummmm...

After lunch Nancy and I stopped at Brian's office. He had a couple of drawings that Sami did for me. HOW SWEET!!!

Sami's pigeon...

Today is a momentous prodigious stupendous occasion... good friends Joe and JoAnn Kirk (Joe LASD ret) are celebrating their 7th Wedding Anniversary!


They were married at the Long Beach Museum of Art, outside, over-looking the ocean. 35 guests on a perfect day. They honeymooned on Catalina Island...

Lights and siren, JoAnn??? You gots to get after those felonious un-leashed dogs on Front Street!


Historically this date
1917 – The United States pays Denmark $25 million for the Virgin Islands.

....... Hell's bells, you can hardly buy a house in Hollyweird for much less than that these days!

1982 – "Cold Sunday" - in the United States temperatures fell to their lowest levels in over 100 years in numerous cities.

... Ah ha! the beginning of global warming, eh Al Bore?

1989 – Cleveland School massacre: Patrick Purdy opens fire with an assault rifle at the Cleveland Elementary School playground in Stockton, California, killing five children and wounding 29 others and one teacher before taking his own life.1994 – 1994 Northridge earthquake: A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Northridge, California.

1998 – Lewinsky scandalMatt Drudge breaks the story of the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair on his website The Drudge Report.

And births this date include....
1899 – Al Capone, American gangster (d. 1947)

1922 – Robert De Niro, Sr., American painter (d. 1993)

............ Abstract expressionist .. father of Robert Jr.

1922 – Betty White, American actress
....She is amazing!



1931 – James Earl Jones, American actor

1933 – Shari Lewis, American ventriloquist (d. 1998)

1942 – Muhammad Ali, American boxer
"Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee......"

1962 – Jim Carrey, Canadian actor and comedian
Dinner what what was left of the flatbread I didn't eat for lunch.
All I know. Happy Saturday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
January 17th
Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day

If there's a day to celebrate New Years and to make resolutions for the upcoming year, then there should be a day to ditch those resolutions. That's the reason for today.
If you haven't broken or given up all of those New Year's resolutions, you're doing better than most of us. Maybe, you're well along the way to accomplishing them. Maybe, a few are already checked off on your list. Good for you!
For many of us, New Years resolutions are hanging heavily over our heads. They have become a burden, and perhaps were not such a good idea after all.
Then...... of course, there's the Nee Years resolutions that have already been broken.
 If you haven't accomplished, broken, or given up your New Year's resolutions, today is your chance to get out from under them.