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Saturday, November 10, 2012

USMC Birthday ~ Dale's Mom

Good 37ยบ wet and cloudy morning.


(click on the link, turn your speakers always puts a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. It did that to Jerry too!)
1775-2012 237 Years of the United States Marine Corps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MARINES! You make me proud. You make my heart sing. I am the proud wife of a Marine. I am the proud Mom of Marines ... Brian and also my Italian son Alex. I fly a USMC flag on my flagpole below the United States Flag. God Bless you all and thank you.

My Marine Darling, my son Brian, my Italian son Alex.


Jerry's Marine buddy and my friend Andy Nantz...
OMG Andy, you look 12 years old~ Cute!

Friends Sid Heal and Rod Johnson and Bill Patterson
(all LASD ret)

(lol, sorry Billy, Jeannie didn't have a picture of you in your uniform, so I 'doctored' this one!)
And a special shout out to our Rogue Valley Marine Corps League members! Semper Fi.
And to my friends... Jon Austin (ret LASD), Terry Bonyea (ret LASD), Sally Harwell (ret LASD), Mel Nix, Lynn Crowell, and Rick & Wendy Harp's (Co Fire Capt on Catalina) sons.... Semper Fi to all of you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Thank you for your service to our country and especially to the Corps!
This is a great video:


On a sad note, my friend Dale Yellin's mom, Corine, passed away yesterday afternoon. To you Dale and your brother Brian and there rest of your family we send out deepest sympathy. God Bless you and RIP dear lady!
Corine will be buried next to her husband at The National Veteran's Cemetery in Riverside California.


Breakfast was the leftover potato cakes from the Moussaka dinner at the Mediterranean that I went to with Dale and Dee on Thursday. I LOVE those potato cakes so much. I should just call and get three orders to go occasionally.... so yummy!!! I heated the potato cakes and cooked a couple eggs along with the leftover veggies and it was spectacular!

All I know. Didn't go to Costco yesterday so will have to today. Jason came over and stacked firewood on the porch for me. Had a snuggy fire, modified leftovers, and enjoyed the evening. Hope your Saturday is good. Semper Fi Jarheads! xo

Sue Mom Bobo
November 10th
A Marine's son...........