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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clear Sky ~Don't Kick the Cop ~ Blueberry Toast w/ Babybel ~ Tonnie Donna Sue Jeannie

Good 48ยบ clear morning. 

Another one of those world's shortest books:

By Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan
Illustrated by Michael Moore
Foreword by George Soros



This from my pal Ollie Taylor (ret LASD)...


Don't kick the cop. Duh. (Thanks George B) I could watch this all day! (I know.)


Again, breakfast was good. Different you might say.... Liked it! I toasted some Franz Blueberry Streusel bread, topped each with a Babybel cheese, and melted it. Soft boiled two eggs, set on bed of lettuce, sprinkled on Simply Asia seasonings, sea salt, and pepper.

I know, I'm weird, but I like to serve foods on a bed of lettuce sometimes ... I LOVE lettuce and like the crunch!


Historically this date....
1960 – The Food and Drug Administration announces it will approve birth control as an additional indication for Searle's Enovid, making Enovid the world's first approved oral contraceptive pill.

1980 – In Norco, California, five masked gunman hold up a Security Pacific bank, leading to a violent shoot-out and one of the largest pursuits in California history. Two of the gunmen and one police officer are killed and thirty-three police and civilian vehicles are destroyed in the chase.

2002 – The 38-day stand-off in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem comes to an end when the Palestinians inside agree to have 13 suspected terrorists among them deported to several different countries

And births this date include...
1946Candice Bergen, American actress

1949Billy Joel, American musician

1962John Corbett, American actor
...He has been in a relationship with actress Bo Derek since 2002.

Yesterday Jeannie and I
(... and yes my little Gnome 'Knotty' joined us!)
met up with Donna Walsh (artist) and her friend Tonnie Gay at the Bohemian for lunch.

Lots of fun. Busy conversation!
It's fun to find out about people... Tonnie's dad was a CHP in the ELA area and had many good stories! The most interesting thing was that Tonnie's husband was a fire chief in N. Lake Tahoe. I told her my sister, Marion, ran a real estate office, Wells & Bennett, in Tahoe City. SHE KNEW MY SISTER! OMG, small world. Tonnie's husband is also named Jerry. I was blown away. Now Tonnie and Jerry live in Rogue River. When I got home I had to call my nephew, Jim (who runs the office in Tahoe City now) and he remembers Jerry the fire chief! My sis has been gone 9 years on the 24th of this month. I miss her so, but this made me smile!

Ok, all I know. Nuff said. Happy Thursday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
May 9th
Lost Sock Memorial Day
Lost Sock Memorial Day recognizes your drawer full of unmatched socks. Each unmatched sock represents a missing sock. We never throw away our unmatched socks. After all, it may show up someday.