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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twice Baked Potatoes w/ Avocado ~ Hummus w/ Cucumber and w/ Jalapeño Stuffed Olives ~ Hot Dog in a Wrap ~ Britain's Got Talent Dancing Boarder Collie

Good 40º cloudy morning. Got rain last night, 12 or 6 drops. The weather station said 3/100ths of an inch!
Looks like more on the way.

The national weather looks like this:
Looks like ladies in So Cal who are going to a "gala" for your Republican friends, you're gonna get wet!

Now I'm p-o'd... the power just did an off on thingy. Darn! Lost all the stuff I had written. Now have to do over again~! GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. A few clocks were 'flashing' and the heater went off and the crockpot was flashing ..... probably the clocks upstairs too, but not in the mood to go change them right now!

I got an email from the California Avocado Commission and saw this recipe and had to share it with you.... should have made it for St. Pat's, but would be good anytime!

Yesterday I made a couple more batches of the hummus. First one was cucumber pureéd in with the garbanzo beans and then I added some finely chopped cucumber. GOOD!

The second batch I added wasabe and some pulsed jalapeño stuffed green olives. OMG. What a yummy taste!

Oink oink oink.. .I tasted so much in the process of making this I wasn't really hungry for quite some time.

In the late afternoon Maggie and I went to Dave (Ace) and Nancy's for wine and to toast Nancy's birthday (3-16). Maggie mostly napped and drank all Skeeter's water. Skeeter had a sniff fest.... 

She's so funny and sweet. Had a great time. Thanks guys! Nancy did make a hand-shake bet with me that using a Neti-pot for a week would improve greatly my sinus/coughing problem. The bet is that if it doesn't work, she's taking me out to dinner! Ok, I'll try it. UGH. Doesn't sound fun at all.

Came home and was too full to eat much, let alone do anything too creative, so after my daily chat with Jeannie, who INSISTED I eat................................. (GAWD, between Nancy and Jeannie I have two moms!)  I heated a garlic/pesto wrap, heated a turkey hot dog, and laid a piece of provolone cheese on the wrap, rolled up the hot dog in it and that was dinner!

Now most of you love dogs like I do and you will LOVE this Britain's Got Talent with a border collie named Gin! Thanks Carolyn Taylor for this!

Historically this date...
1943 – Start of the American amphibious landings in the Philippines a turning point in the Pacific War.

1990 – The Happy Land fire was an arson fire that kills 87 people trapped inside an illegal nightclub in the New York City borough of The Bronx.

1996 – An 81-day-long standoff between the anti-government group Montana Freemen and law enforcement near Jordan, Montana, begins.

And births this date include....
1911Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald (d. 1967)

1918Howard Cosell, American sports reporter (d. 1995)

1928Jim Lovell, American astronaut

1940Anita Bryant, American singer

She certainly got her self and career in trouble back in the 70's voicing her opinion of gays~

1942Aretha Franklin, American singer

1947Elton John, English singer and songwriter

1965Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress

1982Danica Patrick, American race car driver

All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 25th National Waffle Day