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Friday, July 13, 2012

Lemon Cake ~ 200 Sheriff Badges ~ Californica? ~ Herbie & Jabby ~ FRENCH FRIES! Mmmmmm Animal Fries!

Good 60º slightly cloudy (wispy clouds) morning. Slept well again last night, but didn't sleep til 8:30, only 7:30! It should also be in the low 90º's again today. The satellite view shows some clouds wandering over...

I made another experimental cake yesterday, but not sharing the recipe until it's perfected. You use lemon cake and lemon icing. Jeannie made it and it 'crawled' out of the cake pan and was all over the oven. We found out that if you use a mixer it will do that, the batter ingredients must be stirred in until incorporated. It's GOOD, mind you, but stuck to the pan in a couple places even though I used Pam and flour. Also, it fell a little. BUT, the taste is phenomenal!

OMG..... Just one more reason I never liked Baca ... Sheriff Caca.. His main concern is political, not the department, not the deputies, not the citizens. It's all for his own political gain.

Click here: L.A. County sheriff recalls 200 badges given to local politicians -

I saw this quail out on the fence.... thinking to myself, self this is not a Bobwhite. This one is different.

...and after a little research I found out he was a: Valley Quail or...

Callipepla californica (califonica!!! LOL)

Valley QuailThe valley quail is a native species originally confined to the counties bordering California and Nevada. They were transplanted to other areas of the state so long ago (beginning as early as 1870) that most Oregonians do not realize they were introduced in most of Oregon.

Historically this date...
1923 – The Hollywood Sign is officially dedicated in the hills above Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It originally reads "Hollywoodland " but the four last letters are dropped after renovation in 1949.

.....LOL, it used to be a make-out spot up there next to the sign for me and a certain boyfriend of mine...he had a black 1950 Ford ... or was it a '49?  and his name was Mike (that's all you get, Wilsonites!) You can't drive up there now. It's blocked off. But, what a view it was!!!

1990 – An earthquake with its epicenter in Afghanistan results in the greatest number of fatalities in a mountaineering accident in High Asian mountains when an avalanche kills 43 climbers in Camp I on Pik Lenina (Lenin Peak).

And births this date include....
1928 – Bob Crane, American actor (d. 1978)
.... murdered

1940Patrick Stewart, English actor
... Captain Picard!

1942Harrison Ford, American actor

1950George Nelson, American astronaut

1988Steven R. McQueen, American actor
........grandson of Steve!

I put this on my blog last July 13th and it just makes me smile and giggle. Hope you enjoy it, again~

This young lady who owns this horse and dog is a horse aficionado, dog lover, and photographer. She has an interesting blog:

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Fryday!!! Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 13th
National French Fries Day
(oh, not fair!)

Whether you call them French fries, freedom fries, chips, or frites, this is one of the world's favorite ways to eat potatoes. It's no wonder that this wonderful fried staple has its own day of recognition. Happy National French Fries Day!