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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kristen ~ Isabella ~ Hardin ~ The Gang at Blondie's

Good 35º  stars in the sky morning ... somewhat cloudy. Yesterday morning 7:30am:


My friend Ann sent this out to some people (and me)....

"I have a friend that has a blog page.  It is a free page to design, and free to look at.  At the top of her page is a counter of how many people have visited her page since its inception.  Here is today's count as of October 29:

And the Obamacare administrator says that they have no idea how many people have visited their website even though the cost of the website cost taxpayers millions $$$$."  

 I guess the Red Sox did it last night, beards and all. 6-1 over the Cards.....


"10-31" ... 'request unit and frequency'


There are more 10 codes, but not enough days in October for them all....

10-33 ... request emergency clearance

10-34 ... request routine clearance

10-36 ... correct time

10-37 ... identify operator

10-38 ... request clearance to run subjects

10-39 ... request to clear call

10-97 ... arrived at scene

10-98 ... finished assignment


Today is so special.. it's my baby girl's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOTIE!  ♥ I love you! xo

My pretty girl!




Today is a special birthday in the Bowler family... Trish and John's first grandbaby Isabella is 1 year old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS BELLA!


Today is also the birthday of Jerry's dad, Hardin Maxwell.

(b. 10-31-1920 d. 4-1-81) RIP Hardin. Happy Birthday!


Here's a great Halloween stunt...


and..... here's a gross Halloween costume.... PUPPIES!
Breakfast yesterday was canned salmon mixed with cracked pepper olive oil mayo....(I love that stuff!) smeared on a white cheddar rice cake and the rest of the salad from Tuesday...


Historically this date...

1864Nevada is admitted as the 36th U.S. state.

1913 – Dedication of the Lincoln Highway, the first automobile road across United States.

1941 – After 14 years of work, Mount Rushmore is completed.

1999Yachtsman Jesse Martin returns to Melbourne after 11 months of circumnavigating the world, solo, non-stop and unassisted.

2000Soyuz TM-31 launches, carrying the first resident crew to the International Space Station. The ISS has been continuously crewed since.

And births this date include....
1860Juliette Low, American founder of the Girl Scouts (d. 1927)

1912Dale Evans, American singer and actress (d. 2001)

1943 – Brian Piccolo, American football player (d. 1970)

1947 – Frank Shorter, American runner

1950John Candy, Canadian comedian and actor (d. 1994)

1963 – Dermot Mulroney, American actor

1963 – Rob Schneider, American actor


Yesterday a bunch of us (Joe JoAnn Kirk, JoAnn's mom Mrs Oddo, Dale Dee Yellin, Bill Jeannie Patterson, Tammy, and me) all met at Blondie's for a reunion with the Kirks.


We had this back room all to ourselves...


and our orders were from rum & coke, habañero martinis, chardonnay, lemon drop martinis... potato skins stuffed with cheese/bacon/green onion and a ranch dip
, ahi tuna, and other things.....  all good! <g>

The Kirks moved to the coast and we don't see them much any more. It was a fun, very chatty get-together.


When we arrived we were greeted by Dee and Dale's dog Sami in their truck by the restaurant entrance. On the way out Jeannie stopped to say goodbye to her..... LOL....

All I know. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ciao.

xo Sue Mom Bobo