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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mokoko Helmets ~ PATRIOTS RULE! ~ Arrrrrrrr arrrrrrrr


Good 48º clear, slightly pinkish sky, morning.


Yesterday it was over 80º and heading there or warmer today.
Pollen count only 4.4 out of 10 but will rise by Wednesday/Thursday.

Yesterday I finished up the rest of the cucumber relish. The cut up cukes and onion had to be salted and stand overnight in a colander to drain.... The the vinegar/sugar/spice mixture was heated, the cukes, onions, pimentos, and bell peppers were added and cooked and then canned.


These are a riot. The latest in motorcycle helmets. (Thank you Linda!!)



These will surely make the poleeece look twice!

I really enjoyed the football day yesterday. (Love you Tommy!!!) Especially since my Pat's won (35-21!!!) over the Chargers. (Sorry Cliffie. Hmmm... no point in saying that... Cliff and Patty's computer took a dump and they won't get a new one or get it fixed until they return from the coast, whenever that is!)


The Bills slid past the Raiders by the skin of their teeth. (38-35) YES! (918 Billy was happy. Hmmmm... Bill a Bills fan. Imagine that.) The Jets scooted by big time past the Jaguars (32-3). The Steelers beat the Seahawks. (24-zip). And the Bears lost (Sorry Suz!) to the Saints. (30-13) The 49ers lost (yip) to the Cowboys. (24-27).

Oh, and by the way, I call Billy 918 Bill, so he calls me 5150 Sue. We love each other!!!! LOL

(918=Insane Person .... 5150=Mentally Ill)

Last night I TRIED to watch the Emmy's. What a bunch of crap! Sorry, but it was unbearable to watch. I tried twice at different points in the show, but NOPE, junk. So, enjoyed some other shows I had Tivo'd.

Birdhouse Gary noted that the "bee" who was watching me through my kitchen window is a 'bald faced hornet' and they sting!

While I was on the phone yesterday with Jeannie, something stung her. Could have been one of these. They are black. I told her to make a paste of baking soda and put it on the sting. She said it worked great.

Historically this date....
1796George Washington's farewell address is printed across America as an open letter to the public.

1881 – U.S. President James A. Garfield dies of wounds suffered in a July 2 shooting.

1952 – The United States bars Charlie Chaplin from re-entering the country after a trip to England.

1957 – First American underground nuclear bomb test.

1959Nikita Khrushchev is barred from visiting Disneyland.

1961Betty and Barney Hill claim that they saw a mysterious craft in the sky and that it tried to abduct them.

1985 – Tipper Gore and other political wives form the Parents Music Resource Center as Frank Zappa and other musicians testify at U.S. Congressional hearings on obscenity in rock music.

And births this date include....
1926 – Duke Snider, American baseball player (d. 2011)


1928Adam West, American actor
  (Oh boo.)


1933 – David McCallum, Scottish actor


1940 – Bill Medley, American singer and songwriter (The Righteous Brothers)

1941 – "Mama" Cass Elliot, American musician (d. 1974)


1960 – Mario Batali, American chef and restaurateur


1974Jimmy Fallon, American actor and comedian



All I know. Nuff said. Chores and a trip to the Post Office
to pick up a package. Ciao.

xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
September 19th
Talk Like A Pirate Day

Most days are like all of the others,
Go to work, come back home, watch TV,
But, brother, if I had me druthers,
I'd chuck it and head out to sea,

For I dream of the skull and the crossbones,
I dream of the great day to come,
When I dump the mundane for the Old Spanish Main
And trade my computer for rum! ARRR!

T' me,
Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho,

It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!
When laptops are benches God gave us for wenches,
And a sail ain't a low price to pay!
When timbers are shivered and lillies are livered
And every last buckle is swashed,
We'll abandon our cars for a shipfull of ARRRs
And pound back the grog till we're sloshed. Yo ho ....

Don't pick up yer phone and say "Hello,
Your ten-o-clock meeting's delayed",
Ye scrunch up yer face and ye bellow,
"AVAST! Ye've been bleedin' BELAYED!"

Ye can't keep this fun to yourself, I bet,
So sing "Aye", "ARRR", and "Ayy", every man!
We ain't got much grasp of the alphabet,
But a damn good retirement plan! (raucous laughter)

T' me,
Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho,
It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!
Whatever's in fashion is in for a thrashin'
And bein' polite is passe!
When it's ev'ry man's duty to grab his proud beauty
And let out a hearty YO HO!
And if this offends you, hold your breath as we sends
Ta Davy Jones' Locker ya go!

We'll tell every banker "Heave to and weigh anchor!"
Buy latte with pieces of eight
We'll fight to be chosen as cap'n or bosun
The loser, o' course, is worst mate!

When we hoist Jolly Roger the landlubbers dodge 'er,
We fill 'em with loathing and fear,
We'll plunder and pillage each city and village,
Or at least clean out Wal-Mart of beer!

There ain't no computin' or morning commutin',
No "Parking Lot Full" signs for me,
No lawns ta be mowin' or bills to be owin',
I'm knowin' the pull of the sea.

The fresh salty brace of the wind on my face
Through hurricane, sunshine or squalls,
I'm keepin' my eyes on the distant horizon,
Verizon can hold all my calls!

To wear a red coat full o' buckles,
To earn a few duelling scars,
Well, at least we can get a few chuckles
By filling the office with ARRRs!

And maybe we'll never get closer,
Than watchin' 'em on the big screen,
So here's to old Errol and Depp as Jack Sparrow,
And every damn one in between!

T' me,Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho,
It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!
That time in September when sea dogs remember
That grown-ups still know how ta play!
When wenches are curvy and dogs are all scurvy
And a soft-wear patch covers your eye,
Ta hell with our jobs, for one day we're all swabs
And buccaneers all till we die!

So hoist up the mainsails and shut down your brain cells,
They only would get in the way,
Avast there, me hearty, we're havin' a party,
It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!

Yo Ho!