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Friday, July 26, 2013

Lightening Fires ~ Richardson for Governor! ~ Not His Time ~ Laura ~ Aunts and Uncles

Good 60º weird morning. Pressure is going up and down. Some clouds. Yesterday we hit 104.3º !!! OMG. Even a ground squirrel ran up on the porch to get at the dog's water! I turned on the sprinkler in the back and the gray squirrels were sitting in the spray!

.... temp just dropped to 59º.  Oh wait, now it's back to 60º!

There are a number of lightening caused fires in Josephine County ... Jeannie Patterson said there was lots of thunder early this morning about 2:30. Debbie Flores  took a picture of a fire not far from her at Shan Creek...


Some AWESOME friend Dennis Richardson is running for Governor of Oregon!!! YEAH Dennis!!!!!

(This video is long, it's his announcement, but if you live in Oregon you should watch it...sometime!)


PICTURE of the day... duck herding at it's finest!


Ok, this is utterly amazing! When it's not your time to die:

Tell me how you reacted to the end of the video..... My eyes immediately got teary!  Thanks George Bachmeier (LASD ret) for this!

A special friend's birthday is today...Laura Kath....Greece traveling buddy and BFF to my niece Melinda... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!! xoxo
        ........Here in Athens....
      ..... and here in Turkey at the 'rug store'... with our group (L-R Julie, Laura, Melinda)


Historically this date...

1951Walt Disney's 13th animated film, Alice in Wonderland, premieres in London, England, United Kingdom.

1971Apollo program: launch of Apollo 15 on the first Apollo "J-Mission", and first use of a Lunar Roving Vehicle.

2005Space Shuttle program: STS-114 Mission – Launch of Discovery, NASA's first scheduled flight mission after the Columbia Disaster in 2003.



And births this date include....

1909 – Vivian Vance, American actress (d. 1979)


1918Marjorie Lord, American actress


1922 – Jason Robards, American actor (d. 2000)


1943 – Mick Jagger, English singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (The Rolling Stones and SuperHeavy)


1945 – Helen Mirren, English actress


1956Dorothy Hamill, American figure skater


1959 – Kevin Spacey, American actor


1964Sandra Bullock, American actress and producer



All I know. TGIF. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 26th

Aunt and Uncle Day

Aunt and Uncles Day honors a very special pair of relatives. They are your mom and dad''s brothers and sisters. We hope you have a lot of Aunts and Uncles. The more, the merrier. Our Aunts and Uncles mean a lot to us. Among other things, they are most likely:
  • The backup caretaker when mom and dad go out, or are at work.
  • Real characters at family get-togethers and events.
  • Someone we can talk to and related to..... some things we just can talk about with "parental units".
  • Sound counsel and advice.
  • Someone who takes you to fun places and events.
  • Someone whose house is a great place to sleepover, especially if you have cousins.
  • The ones who give you great presents for birthdays, Christmas and special events.
  • And, the benefits of Aunts and Uncles goes on, and on, and on, and.........

National Coffee Milkshake Day