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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nala The Angel ~ Tarweed Control ~ The Haul w/ The Girls ~ Vultures

Good 62º cloudy morning. Radar is south of us....
By 7:30 it was 66º and 71% humidity! And the radar has passed on...
This was 6am:

 Yesterday it stayed cloudy all day. Nice. We hit 82º by 4:00. What a nice break!
Here is a sweet little video of an Angel. Sent to me by Tally Huntoon (wife of Spencer .. Wilsonite LACO FD ret) You will fall in love with Nala!

This morning Ted Evans of Evans Pest Control was here at 5:30. (Evans Pest 541-772-4541)

I was awake and up already by barely a couple minutes. He wanted an early start ... something to do with spraying in 100º temps don't work. I have tar weed in my pastures and it's growing in volume.

It has pretty yellow flowers but the plant is super sticky and a danger to animals (horses, cows, deer, elk, etc) that eat it as it damages the liver. It is so sticky it gets on the legs of the animals and then everything sticks to their legs!

 After he finished spraying the tarweed he sprayed the berry bushes that have cropped up too. He's been doing this for 40 years and is good. If you need this type of work done, call him! He sprayed my gravel roads and used a special weed spray. They are all weed free.
Historically this date...
1850 – U.S. President Zachary Taylor dies and Millard Fillmore becomes the 13th President of the United States.
1922 – Johnny Weissmuller swims the 100 meters freestyle in 58.6 seconds breaking the world swimmingrecord and the 'minute barrier'.
1947 – The engagement of Britain's Princess Elizabeth to Lt. Philip Mountbatten is announced.
And births this date include....
1928 – Vince Edwards, American actor (d. 1996)
LOVED Dr. Ben Casey!!

1938 – Brian Dennehy, American actor

He was filming at the BC Range once and I met him. OMG, he is a GIANT of a man! Nice too.
1957 – Kelly McGillis, American actress
She needs a stylist!!!

1976 – Fred Savage, American actor
A cute little boy who grew up to be a good looking man with a cute little boy!
Yesterday was a trip into Grants Pass to get my car detailed at Roe Motors. They had a $30 special.  

Then I met up with the girls (Dee, Jeannie, Kathy, Nancy, and PJ) at The Haul for lunch. This place is NOT fancy, but the wine, beer, and food is good!

We had wine...

Nancy and Kathy were chicken tacos 

The Haul just got a pizza oven installed not long ago..

(way back there)

PJ had a pepperoni pizza

Dee and Jeannie split some garlic rosemary fries and what Dee called queso fundido (

Above the bar is this sign.. B.Y.O.R. (Bring your own ranch) so Dee brought her own ranch dressing for her fries!
I had the muscle pizza (OMGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!) It was garlicky and buttery and I love muscles!

We sat there and talked for 2 hours! Nice. Haven't had a 'girls day' for awhile!

I came home and saw these two vultures hanging out. Good! That means the bait boxes for the ground squirrels must be working. Vultures only hang out when there are dead things around!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy TBT. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 9th
National Sugar Cookie Day


Anonymous said...

You are right! I fell in love with Nala! What a precious little thing and oh so smart to know just which rooms to go to. They all seem to love her so much. My late friend, Louise, had a Collie who was a therapy dog at children's hospital. So sweet and she was at Louise's funeral. OMG tears!

I didn't get to comment on yesterday's blog but those pics of your sky were incredible! They looked like the place was on fire.

Your lunches looks oh so yummy! Love to have girls' luncheon. So fun and can visit for hours! I sure do miss ours at Christmas time.

I hope Kristen continues to feel well and on the road to recovery.

Hugs! XO Trisha

Anonymous said...

Sue, I forgot to tell you girls. Speaking of therapy dogs, Judy told me the family brought Brownie, her grandpup to visit her. She was elated! Brownie seemed to know why he was there and was so good. Didn't bark at any strangers like he usually does. Was just very loving and sweet.

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks T. Therapy dogs are a wonder! It did look like the sky was on fire. Several asked if we had fires up here, but no. Just one of Nature's pieces of artwork! Kristen is doing good. I will keep everyone posted. xo

Oregon Sue said...

Good for Judy and the pup. Judy has a long haul! ox

Lydia said...

Sounds like a happy healing day. Good thing I didn't see the cookie day):- Could have. Would have. Shouldn't have.