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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Good 57º cloudy gloomy precip a possibility morning.

This from Bill Postmus (LASD ret).... Beautifully done!

I want to say on this special day I give honor to my Dad's family, the Laneys, who came from Ireland and fought for our country in the Revolutionary War, to my Dad, who at 16 years old joined the US Navy in WWI and sailed to France, to my cousin to fought at Normandy, to my brother-in-law who was an Army Lt in the Korean War, to my other brother-in-law and two of his sons who were in the US Navy, to my Jerry who was a US Marine during Viet Nam, to my Brian a US Marine in the Gulf War, to my Italian son Alex, a US Marine. I give honor to all those LASD Deputies who served their country before serving in law enforcement, and to each and every one of my friends who bravely served our country. Thank you to all for your service and God Bless you. To those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Rest In Peace.  You are not forgotten.

Celebrate Memorial Day with love.
xo Sue Mom Bobo



Anonymous said...

Good morning Miss Sue,

Love your blog today. Thank you so much!

Love, Miss Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful salute to our military to those who gave all.
I am reposting your picture.

Thank you!

XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Nicely done. Thank you.