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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Boatnik Parade ~ Putting Oil In Your Car ~ Suzanne ~ Wine Day

Good 50º wispy cloudy morning.

Yesterday it was 83º in GP for the Boatnik Parade and Carnival. When the sun hid behind a cloud it was nice! Hot if you were out in it. Had a good time at the parade. Took lots of pictures. Saw my friend Dennis Richardson who is running for our Governor, Bob Klamm on his motorcycle covered with bears, Gil Gilbertson Josephine Co Sheriff, Billi from the Elk's Lodge and Tom the ER, Bill and Jeannie, and Bob Havercroft. After the parade met up with Bill Jeannie and Bob at the park. Jeannie and I went to the VIP deck for a glass of wine. (Thank you Brian for being a sponsor!)
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Got this from Dewayne Honneeee Pberger... (you LASD folks know who he is!!!) This is hilarious. "honey, I think you need to put some oil in your car..."

Today is a special birthday, Suzanne Santisteven (LASD ret). She worked at Lakewood when I was there. She and Phil have a beautiful daughter, Missy (who is now driving!) and they moved to the country.... Idaho!

Historically this date... and for famous birthdays you can click here and see what I published last year on this date:

Sorry, after working on the Smilebox all morning I'm tired of blogging.....   :o)

Have a wonderful Sunday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
May 25th
National Wine Day (YIPPPPEEEEE)


Anonymous said...

What a great parade! You all up there have entirely too much fun! So much going on! Good Smile box and hurray for Brian for being a sponsor!!

I have seen that video of the gal putting oil in her engine on FB. I cracked up! Such a girly girl! lol

The pic of the gal drinking the wine from the bottle cracked me up!

XOXO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks Trish! Yes, I had seen that girl and the oil before too, but thought it worth it again for a laugh. The Boatnik is the second largest celebration in Oreygun, I think maybe the Portland Rose Festival is #1. We have one in Rogue River... Rooster Crow, in June. It's tiny though. xo

Anonymous said...

thanks for the smile box... had to stand up to watch it !!! :) p.j.

Oregon Sue said...

LOL, yes that patriotic music will do it every time PJ!!! xo