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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gloom ~ Polenta with Shrimp/Artichoke Hearts ~ WD-40 Uses ~ Almond Recipes

Good 36º colder morning, but still drizzling. Supposed to have had lots of wind and heavy rain yesterday and last night. The wind did blow a bit, some howling out there... but nothing severe. Rain supposed to come back Tuesday. 

How about a new word.... (thanks Derry Benedict..LASD ret!)

It was two years ago today I posted a rice cooker meal...
You can click on that if you are interested and see historically what happened and who had birthdays. A year ago on the 15th I had to have my love, 22 year old cat Harley put to sleep, so that blog a year ago today was a tribute to my guy...

Not too much excitement around here. Watched some of the Olympics. Some wonderful wins and some heartbreaking losses. So .... to the kitchen to cook something... decided on polenta after watching Jamie Oliver take pre-made polenta, slice it and grill it, then top the polenta with a chicken/asparagus dish.

I decided to try cooking the polenta in my rice cooker. 3 cups of water, a pat of butter, sea salt... let rice cooker heat water til it bubbles, add in a cup of polenta, a handful of basil, and shake in some garlic powder... then let it cook the cycle...
 Once done I sprayed a 9x9 pan with Pam, dumped in the polenta, smoothed it out and let it sit and firm up. Then I put some salad shrimp (product of USA!) and artichoke hearts in a pan with butter and sauteéd them... adding in some Philly Cooking Sauce...

Cut the polenta and fry it in oil or butter... I like the butter ..
Plate the polenta and top with the shrimp/artichoke mixture. OMGOOOOD!!!!

30 Frugal Ways to Use WD-40:

  1. Bike Lubricant: Drop it on a rusty old chain to give it new life and get it moving
  2. Door Hinge: You can silence a squeaky door hinge, cabinet or any other hinge by dripping it directly onto the hinge
  3. Fishing Reel: You can make the inside of a fishing reel smooth again with a few drips from your trusty wd-40 can
  4. Sleigh Riding Speed: Just use it on the bottom of a snow sled to go faster
  5. Tools: Drip and rub to loosen up rusted tools
  6. Bolts & Screws: Loosen rusty bolts, screws with a few drips of WD40
  7. Gates & Locks: Lubricates locker and gate locks with a few drips – extends the life of the lock or gate
  8. Scuff Mark Remover: Do you have black scuff marks from shoes on your ceramic floors? A few drops of WD 40 on a rag and  black scuff marks from tile floors (ceramic) will be gone with a little “elbow grease”
  9. Crayon Remover: Use a few drops on a rag and you have instant crayon remover after kids have colored on walls (works on all types of crayon)
  10. Rust Preventative: Prevent rust on tools-pliers, adjustable wrenches. Drip a few drips and rub all over. It’ll keep your tools not only from rusting but will extend the life of the tool too,
  11. Wind Chimes: Use on wind chimes (metal only) to prevent rust and keep them in good shape (rusty chimes are ugly)
  12. Wax Remover: Drip a few drips vinyl surfaces to remove wax
  13. Corrosion Preventative: Use on copper to prevent corrosion and extend the life of your copper
  14. Leather  Stain Remover: Drip a few drops on a rag and rub on your ink stain to remove it from leather
  15. Squeaks: Have a squeaky door that drives you crazy? Just a drop or 2 right on the hinge will cure the sounds of a rusted squeaky door
  16. Soften leather sandals: Rub on sandals to loosen up tight or stiff sandals to avoid blisters.
  17. Bathroom Silicone: Use a little to break down silicone when coating a toilet or tub
  18. Boats: Use a little to coat rubber ties on boats to keep rubber from drying out in the harsh sun
  19. Home Locks: Spray a little into key holes to lubricate and keep working (locks can rust and freeze up from harsh outside winds, rain etc
  20. Garage Doors: Spray on to Lubricates garage door runners to extend the life of your garage door
  21. Saw: Rub it onto saws to keep from rusting and extend the life of the saw
  22. Credit Cards: Rub a little on sticky residue from stickers on credit cards when they arrive in the mail
  23. Remove Paint from Windows: Removes paint from windows – just use on a rag and apply “elbow grease”
  24. Remove marks on Dry Erase Boards: Just use on a rag and apply “elbow grease” (even removes permanent marker)
  25. Mirrors: A little on a rag with removes mascara from tile floors and mirrors (be sure to wipe floor clean after using WD-40)
  26. Medicine Bottles: Removes labels from medicine bottles for reuse.
  27. Luggage: Drip a few drops on luggage zippers to lubricate well before travel
  28. Nail Polish Remover from Floors: Use a little on a rag and it removes nail polish from hardwood floors (be sure to wipe floor clean after using WD-40)
  29. Clothes Dryer: Ever had a child accidentally leave a crayon in their pocket and it melt in your dryer? Add some to a rag and it removes crayon from inside clothes dryers (make sure to unplug dryer fi rst)
  30. Wallpaper: Use a drop on a rag and some old fashioned “elbow grease” and wipe off crayon from your wallpaper
All I know. Happy Sunday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 16th
National Almond Day

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