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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mo Rain ~ Olga ~ Chuck ~ Chef Jen .. Bri's Dinner ~ Gumdrop Recipes

Good 46º still raining morning. As of yesterday 4" of rain in the rain gauge. Heard it coming down in the night...
This was early afternoon... it rained and rained after that.... this morning it's at 4¼"... and it continues....

Dude and the Bruise were not too happy with the rain, so laid by the door watching outside...

This is out in the back... the seasonal creek now filled with water and rushing downhill!

Just FYI, because of all the problems I had with my computer and all the problems Jeannie and Bill have had of late and Judy down in SoCal, I am not going to download any attachments sent to me. So, if you have a photo to send, put it on the email, don't send it to me as an attachment. I will just delete the email. Thanks. Sorry.

Today are two special birthdays.... my pretty friend Olga (wife of Jim Duran..LASD Sgt). HAPPY BIRTHDAY O!! I hope your day is wonderful!!! ♥♥♥
And... today is also the birthday of my pal PattyK's son, Chuck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCKLES!!! xoxo

This is interesting... and should be shared with young folks... posted by a retired Deputy, Chris Miller..... Before and after pictures of drug users... startling to say the least.

Historically this date.....
1954 – Canada and the United States agree to construct the Distant Early Warning Line, a system of radar stations in the far northern Arctic regions of Canada andAlaska.

1965 – A new red-and-white maple leaf design is adopted as the flag of Canada, replacing the old Canadian Red Ensign banner.

1989 – Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan: The Soviet Union officially announces that all of its troops have left Afghanistan.

And births this date include...
1907 – Cesar Romero, American actor (d. 1994)

1927 – Harvey Korman, American actor and comedian (d. 2008)

1947 – Rusty Hamer, American actor (d. 1990)

1948 – Ron Cey, American baseball player

1951 – Jane Seymour, English actress

1964 – Chris Farley, American actor and comedian (d. 1997)

Jen had dinner for Brian yesterday. We got there about 6. She had cooked a filet roast wrapped in bacon (soooooooooooo tender!!), her special potatoes (cut into cubes, I'll have to ask but probably drizzled with olive oil, cooked crunchy, and then topped with a grated cheese ... Asiago?). The bread was topped with her version of the cheese spread the North Woods Inn (Rosemead/Huntington Dr   ) is famous for... cheese/butter/onion powder, garlic powder, etc... I'll get the recipe for sure!) and toasted. Raw cut up veggies... I made some deviled eggs (half topped with Bob's Seasoning Salt and half with bacon salt. PERFECT dinner Jen!

Then Wonder Woman made a cheese cake to die for...................... (notice where Tucker's eyes are!)

Sami (the nut!) doesn't like cheesecake.... so she had strawberries dipped in chocolate.... (drool...)

When I had first arrived Sami showed me her loose tooth...

.... and just before I left it was out! (er, chololate on her face!!!)

Fun evening. Great food. Happy Birthday Bri!!
Thank you Sami and Jean for the flowers!!!! xoxo

All I know. Happy Saturday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 15th.
It’s National Gumdrop Day.

Gumdrops are a chewy, brightly-colored, fruit-flavored confection, shaped like a truncated cone and coated in granulated sugar. When they are flavored with spices (allspice, cinnamon, clove, licorice, peppermint and wintergreen, for example) they’re called spice drops.
Gumdrops are believed to be an American invention, but the date and the inventor are lost to history (along with the origin of the phrase, “goody goody gumdrops.” The earliest known printed reference is advertisement from The Illinois State Chronicle in 1859, offering “Fresh GumDrops, assorted flavor wholesale or retail.” Invention can predate reference by decades (or much longer—the earlier in history and the less surviving the printed material, it can be hundreds of years earlier).
Click on any of the following for recipes...


Anonymous said...

Oh my that dinner looked scrumptious! That is my favorite kind of roast but never tried to wrap it with bacon. What a great idea! I love the slight pink in the middle. I always seem to get mine too done! :(
Eric always makes his potatoes like that. Cubed, drizzled with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Yum!

I'm with you about attachments! I stopped downloading any no matter who they were from long ago! Well, if it's an invite to an event I will download that. I am also very careful about clicking on links too, depending on who sent them.

Anyway, great family pic of Brian and family!

YES! Please send us some of that rain!!

XO Trisha

suzanne said...

Looks like a nice family dinner! Sami is losing her " baby " face, looking like a big girl now :)

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, T, that meat wrapped in the bacon was awesome. She set it on a bed of onions too so the onions with the beef and bacon flavor was drooling good. xo

Suz, yes, Sami is getting big. She will be 6 in a couple of weeks. Time goes too fast!!! Sending rain....

Lydia said...

This post made me SMILE!!!!!

How did we get so lucky to get Wonder Women as daughter in laws?):-