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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lightening/Thunder ~ Sriracha Mayo ~ Banana Storage ~ Jim Harper ~ Citizenship Test ~ Creamy Crock*Pot Chicken Alfredo


Good 64º stormy morning.

HOLY COW!!! I have NEVER seen such a lightening storm EVER! It started after 4 am. Moving east. Lightening strikes constantly coming straight down on the mountains surrounding me. GOD I pray there are no fires! We already have two up here.. Onion Mountain near Selma and in Canyonville up north by the 7 Feathers Casino. SCARY! It's 5:15 and it's still going on. Ok, 5:35 and it's stopped!

Yesterday the temps climbed ... at 2pm it was 100.4, at 2:15 it was 99.8, then at 2:30 it was 101.1, and at 3pm it was 102!
Suz this is for you!

Yesterday for breakfast I had the last of my leftover chicken/vegetable soup I made. I squirted some of that Sriracha Mayo into it. OMG!! I am sooooooooo addicted to that stuff!! Certainly made the soup creamy and just spicy enough! Next will be a BLT!!!

Here is another interesting storage hint....

Problem: Mushy Bananas

Solution: Wrap tops of bananas in plastic wrap.
A handful of fruits emit ethylene gas to ripen themselves — and bananas are one of them. If you know you won’t be able to eat the entire bunch within a few days, simply wrap the stems (where most of the gas is released) tightly in plastic wrap. This helps reduce the amount of ethylene emitted, slowing the ripening process and keeping the fruit fresh for a longer period of time. The gas also causes other fruits and veggies to ripen more quickly, so this trick will help prevent nearby produce from going bad as well. Like bananas, cantaloupe, nectarines, pears, plums, and tomatoes also emit ethylene gas and should be stored away from other produce.

A good friend and a Wilsonite (S-63), Jim Harper, is celebrating his birthday today. Special good wishes to you Jim!!!
To find out how many days, weeks, months old you are, click here:
Historically this date....
68 – Roman Emperor Nero commits suicide, after quoting Homer's Iliad, thus ending theJulio-Claudian Dynasty and starting the civil year known as the Year of the Four Emperors.

1856 – Five hundred Mormons leave Iowa City, Iowa and head west for Salt Lake Citycarrying all their possessions in two-wheeled handcarts.

1934 – Donald Duck makes his debut in The Wise Little Hen.

1972 – Severe rainfall causes a dam in the Black Hills of South Dakota to burst, creatinga flood that kills 238 people and causes $160 million in damage.

1973 – Secretariat wins the Triple Crown.

And births this date include....
1910 – Robert Cummings, American actor (d. 1990)

1961 – Michael J. Fox, Canadian-born actor

1963 – Johnny Depp, American actor
"In 2011, Depp became a U.S. resident again, because France wanted him to become a permanent resident, which he said would require him to pay income tax in both countries". IDIOT. He doesn't deserve to live here!!! He badmouths the heqq out of our country and yet taking fools money for his movies is not a problem!

1981 – Natalie Portman, Israeli-born actress
Here is the citizenship test. See if you can pass.
Dinner was reruns of the salmon/veggies, but you can make an easy Creamy Crock*Pot Chicken Alfredo......

Creamy Crock*Pot Chicken Alfredo

Chicken 6 hours cooking
Sauce 1 hour cooking
4 servings
Chicken stock
3 chicken breasts, cooked and chopped .. or use boneless skinless chicken thighs... less dry! Cook in Crock*Pot on high for 6 hours covered with chicken stock.
1 package cream cheese, 8 oz. and softened
1 can cream of chicken soup, 10.5 oz.
1 can chopped canned mushrooms, 4.5 oz
1 lb linguine
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
1 clove garlic, pressed


After the chicken is cooked mix cream cheese and soup together in a bowl.

Pour in a slow cooker with mushrooms and garlic.
Cook on low for an hour.
Make pasta according to package directions.
Add cooked chicken and pasta to sauce and serve with parsley  on top.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 9th
Donald Duck Day

Happy Birthday, Donald. We hope that Daisy Duck bakes you your favorite cake!
Donald Duck Day in honor of Donald Duck's cartoon debut. Donald first appeared in "The Wise Hen" on June 9, 1934.  While Donald is over 70 years old, he doesn't act a day over 20. Donald is one of Disney's most famous and popular characters.
Did you Know? Donald has a middle name. Donald F. Duck's middle name is "Fauntleroy".
Enjoy Donald Duck Day in front of the television watching Donald, along with all of his family and friends.


Lydia said...

I hope you unplugged your computer during the thunderstorm. Especially if your backups are in the house.

Johnny Depp has cute dogs. Glad he got them back to California before they were impounded and euthanized by Australia.

It's quite common to limit stays in foreign countries to avoid double taxation. Just so I'm not forced to see his movies, he can live wherever.

Oregon Sue said...

My backups are on external hard drives that are unplugged from the computer when not in use.

Johnny Depp is one of those 'entitled' Hollyweirdos! Much like someone else .... and they think the rules don't apply to them.

I wouldn't give Depp a nickle of my money! ox

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just something how those Hollyweird types try everything to get out of paying taxes themselves. Yet they are liberal and think it's fine for the government to tax the hell out of the rest of us. He may be talented but he's a jerk!! This is why I only see one movie a year in a theater!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONALD!! I just finished reading the bio of Walt Disney. A great read about a creative genius!!

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, I agree T, Walt Disney was awesome! ox