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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weather ~ Earthquake ~ Dawna/Claire/Lindsay ~ Another Riley ~ Soft Boiled Eggs ~ TJ's Seasoning ~ Scallops

Good morning.......

Ha ha ha... happy morning cat! 

47º and sunny and clear out there..... Hit 87º yesterday afternoon. High clouds and windy.
90% chance of rain by tomorrow. The satellite shows a lot of clouds coming from the southwest.  Pressure had dropped a lot yesterday but at the moment coming back up.

An 8.0 earthquake hit Alaska and tsunami warnings went out for the Pacific Coast by 2:15 yesterday afternoon.
The quake struck 244 miles southeast of Abu Station. I can't find that on any map! But later news says it was large and deep under the Aleutian Islands.

Another blonde man joke from Lynn...
A blonde man is in the bathroom and his wife shouts: "Did you find the shampoo?"
He answers, "Yes, but I'm not sure what to do... it's for dry hair, and I've just wet mine."

Today 3 birthdays.... friend Dawna Keith (married to Barry) who Jerry and I visited in Texas. They used to come to the Pomona Gun Shows. Now living in New Mexico. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWNA!

.... and local writer and friend Claire Atteberry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE! She writes for the Examiner (here's one of her articles: )
 and for the Rogue River Press... and... she's quite the

... and former Temple City neighbor Lindsay Mehl vonZabern... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY WINDSAY!
Lindsay pregnant with "Kate", hubby Steve, and son Caleb. 

Friends, Dan (ret LASD) and Judy Patz just got a rescue dog. She is a Wirehaired Dachshund. Someone tossed her in a dumpster. Imagine! Her name is Riley. (like the dog rescued from the canyon in Az.) But they have given her a full name of "Her Royal Highness Princess Riley Anne Gypsy MacDonald of Tayside, Baroness Bounce" !!!

Historically this date...
1846 – The saxophone is patented by Adolphe Sax in Paris, France.

1949 – The first television westernHopalong Cassidy, is aired on NBC starring William Boyd.

And births this date include..
1942 – Michele Lee, American actress

Breakfast yesterday.... soft boiled eggs atop tomato slices and dollops of ricotta cheese. If my coffee looks red, it's because I put in some Cinnamon Red Hot syrup! (sugar free) 
In the boiling water I put Trader Joe's 21 Spice Salute (includes a blend of onion,black pepper, celery seed, cayenne pepper, parsley, basil, marjoram, bay leaf, oregano, thyme, savory, rosemary, cumin, mustard, coriander, garlic, carrot, orange peel, tomato, lemon juice, and lemon oil.)
This blend is awesome. You can put it on anything. Sells for $1.99. Get some. Use in place of all that sodium (salt).

The hummer feeders were filled the day before....

Got a lot of hungry hummingbirds out there! And boy do they buzz around my head when I go out on the porch!

I went to the market yesterday to get distilled water for the batteries (6) in my golf cart. They had some USA bay scallops .. HUGE... so I couldn't resist and bought them!
That was dinner.... First sear the scallops in a small amount of oil ..
Then I squeezed a small amount of basil paste into the oil and sprinkled the scallops with the Trader Joe's Seasonings..
Then when they were seared on both sides I added in some butter, lemon juice, and capers....

I served them on a bed of baby spinach with some tomatoes (natch!). OMGOOOOOD!!!!! I was full and HAPPY.

All I know. Happy Tuesday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 24th
National Pralines Day

From France brought by French settlers to Louisiana... 


Lydia said...

Dog names are toooo funny. Like your friend's writing.
I have that seasoning, but haven't used it but once. Think it will go on eggs this morning.

Oregon Sue said...

When I was about 10 Daddy got me a doxie. She didn't have a pedrigree name so I thought she should have one... we lived on Stockbridge and she became Scuffy Ann of Stockbridge. xo