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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heart Shaped Noses ~ Silly Goats ~ Crab Ravioli Stir Fry ~ Daryl & Kevin ~ Kirk ~ Brisket BBQ Flavor

Good 48º cloudy possibility of rain morning.

(those heart shaped noses are so adorable!!!)

This came from Ben Hunt. What a riot. Goats and a piece of sheet metal.... You will laugh!

Yesterday PJ and I went to Cash and Carry and to Costco. Picked her up at noon and we were home at 2. Wow! Fast. Got dog treats, cat treats, cat food, artichokes, avocados, some Roma tomatoes on the vine from BC Canada (sooooo good and SO much cheaper than Safeway!), mini squash, celery, and some dungeness crab raviolis. OMG. The lady was giving out samples. Could NOT pass those up. They also had lobster ravioli, but I was good and only got the crab. At Cash and Carry I got the syrups for my coffee. I LOVE the peanut butter flavor!

Then for dinner I made a "ravioli stir fry".. Using only 5 of the raviolis (not all.... divided them up into freezer bags) and half a package of steamer veggies I put them in the frying pan with a little water, a little olive oil, touch of sea salt, and pepper and of course a cut up tomato....

After it was all cooked I mixed up some pesto with extra Parmesan cheese and mixed it in..

OMGOOOOOOD!!!!!!! Cut up half an avocado to go with.... being good and staying away from the rich creamy sauces! (not easy!)

Today friends Trish and John Bowler (LASD ret) are celebrating their twin son's 36th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN AND DARYL!

Today is also one of my favorite baseball player's birthday. HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY KIRK GIBSON!!!

My sis Marion and I were there at Dodger Stadium in 1988 when he hit that winning home run against the Oakland A's! WOW! Later he came to the BC Range to show the staff (my Jerry) he knew how to use a gun so he could get a gun permit from the Sheriff after being robbed at gunpoint in front of his Santa Monica home with his family present. Lasorda and Block were friends! I got my picture taken with him and he autographed all the pictures and programs I had! Nice man!!!

Historically this date....
1930 – The Chrysler Building in New York City officially opens.
1937 – The Golden Gate Bridge in San FranciscoCalifornia, is officially opened byPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, D.C., who pushes a button signaling the start of vehicle traffic over the span.
1952 – The women of Greece are given the right to vote.
1996 – U.S. President Bill Clinton's former business partners in the Whitewater land dealJames McDougal and Susan McDougal, and the Governor of Arkansas Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud.
...... AND in  In 2001, in the final hours of his presidency, President Bill Clinton granted Susan McDougal a full Presidential pardon.    Of course! What a guy!   Another ADAM HENRY who ran our country into the ground and committed fraud, among other things.

And births this date include....
1888 – Jim Thorpe/Wa-Tho-Huk, American pentathlete, decathlete, football, baseball and basketball player (d. 1953)

1908 – Ian Fleming, English author (d. 1964)

Interesting read, a Naval Commander in Naval Intelligence in the Royal Navy. No wonder he could 'do up' James Bond so well!

1931 – Carroll Baker, American actress Gadzzzzzzzzzz      

1934 – Annette Dionne, Dionne quintuplets – Cecile Dionne, Dionne quintuplets
1934 – Emilie Dionne, Dionne quintuplets (d. 1954)
1934 – Marie Dionne, Dionne quintuplets (d. 1970)
1934 – Yvonne Dionne, Dionne quintuplets(d. 2001)
        Annette - Cecile - Yvonne

1947 – Sondra Locke, American actress

All I know. Happy HUMP DAY. Nuff said. Ciao.

xo Sue Mom Bobo
May 28th
National Beef Brisket Day

6 pounds fresh beef brisket, well trimmed
1 cup barbecue sauce (your favorite)
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup liquid smoke
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 teaspoons celery salt
2 teaspoons lemon pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup water
Preheat oven to 275 degrees F. 

In a large Pyrex baking dish, thoroughly mix all ingredients for sauce. Put the brisket in the baking dish, and turn it over once to coat it with the sauce. 

Seal the dish well with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Bake at 275 degrees F for 5 to 6 hours. 

Remove brisket from oven and allow to stand for one hour before slicing. Slice across the grain, and serve with sauce.
(or cook it in your crockpot all day!)


Anonymous said...

I've never seen artichoke stems put in water like that. Must keep them fresher?? You clever lady!! GS

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, cut off the very bottom so the fresh part is in the water and they will last that way for a week. xo

Anonymous said...

mmmmm Artichokes! That's the one veggie that Matthew loves. Most of the time they are just too expensive. John found them at Sprouts for $2 each! No thanks!:(

Thanks for the shout out and photos of the twins and their cake. Can't believe it was 36 years ago this morning I had two babies! Can't even IMAGINE carrying FIVE at a time! That woman must have had to stay in bed the entire time!

mmmmm again! Love a good brisket! Mother was taught to make them from Jewish friends. Yum yum!

XO Trisha

Lydia said...

YUMMY! Yummy! Wow- Trisha looked great straight after delivery- but she ALWAYS looks GREAT!