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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stuff ~ TBT Brian ~ Chocolate Mousse

Good 37º looks like it will be a nice day morning.

Law Enforcement/Fire lunch was yesterday. Had a good time. Two newbies joined us. Tammy's dad, Dave Galceran who lives in Vegas, worked Firestone/Temple/and San Dimas. Temple Station was the go to station for Peter Pitchess when he was sheriff. He lived in Arcadia. Anyway, apparently Dave hung up on Pitchess once and was transferred immediately to San Dimas!! LOL. The other guy, Dino Alvarado, was with our K9 unit and he is still training dogs. His wife, Linda,  joined him for lunch. They live in Cave Junction. Nice folks. Hope to see them again.
After lunch Dee came down to the lodge and we sat and had a glass of wine and gabbed. Dale showed up, finally. Actually he had been to a retirement lunch somewhere else.  Then some shopping and home. Sun shining. Beautiful day.

Brian 1971

Brian 1973

Brian 1989

Semper Fi and God Love our military!!! Thank you my son for serving! xo

All I know. Nuff said. Chat later... Ciao. TTFN.
Sue Mom Bobo
April 3rd
National Chocolate Mousse Day


VanetteC said...

Ah..Temple Pitchess Days.. the old 459P (an alarm wired directly to the desk at Tem Sta. That Pitchess could set off from his Arcadia house for an immediate Deputy response.) Always heard the story of a Temple Sta deputy who answered the phone and didn't believe it was Sheriff Pitchess calling personally, so the deputy responded with "Yeah, and I'm Bozo the Clown." Uh..yeah.. he got transferred.
Yummy dessert... thanks for the link and let Brian know we are ALL proud of him and grateful for his service.!!!
See you soon. :-D

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks Vanette! Will do. See you soon! xo

Anonymous said...

Cute pics of Brian.
We love that Tupperware ball with the pieces you put in the proper shaped holes. I just know I saved it but can't find it anywhere! I want it for Isabella.

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

I hope you find it. Isabella would love it!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok. Been missing your blog.

Jean said...

I hope you are ok. Are you quitting blogging? Will miss you.