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Monday, April 14, 2014

Ham Cheese Pie ~ Too Many Tragedies ~ Dude/Bruiser at Kennel

Dear family and friends I am so glad to be home and not driving! It truly wore me out.

This morning it's 35º. Yesterday it was 31º. Warmed to high 70ºs. Nice.

Here is the post from a year ago with a really good recipe...
The dinner I made the other night was a pie.... I had leftover Honey Baked ham.... pre-made crusts... lined the bottom with provolone cheese. In the mixer put 3 eggs, about 1 cup of Greek plain yogurt, 8oz of cream cheese, about a cup of grated yellow and white cheese, some Parmesan cheese, and mixed it all together. Stirred in ham. Poured it into the crust. Topped with more provolone and the top crust. Baked 1hr 10 min at 350º. OMGOOOOD!!!!

I will make this again, adding in spinach ..maybe broccoli... sauteed onion/peppers, mozzarella cheese instead of provalone, riccotta, tomatoes, artichoke hearts......... drooling at the possibilities!

Historically this date...

1954 – The most boring day since 1900 according to the True Knowledge Answer Engine

1965 – The Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965: Fifty-one tornadoes hit in sixMidwestern states, killing 256 people.

And births this date include...
1928 – Ethel Kennedy, American wife of Robert F. Kennedy

1932 – Joel Grey, American actor, singer, and dancer

The past days with the tragedies are so depressing. The shootings at Fort Hood, the school stabbings in the Pennsylvania high school, the death of the LAPD motor cop Chris Cortijo, who had in his 26 year career made over 3000 DUI arrests and then to be hit while sitting at a signal by a beeeeotch under the influence. So so so sad and so wrong. And then this last tragedy up on I-5 at Orland where the southbound FedEx truck crossed the center divider and hit that northbound tour bus with high school students head on and 10 died. The crash happened at 10:30 on Thursday night. I came through there on my way home about 9am and had almost an hour delay while all northbound cars were diverted off and around the crash site and then back onto I-5. By the time I got through there the radio news said the backup was over 5 miles long. It really made for a long and depressing drive for me thinking of those students and parents and drivers who died. God Bless them all. RIP.

Ok, so now back to the trip....
I took Bruiser and Dude to the kennel, Waggin' On Inn,  in Grants Pass. Kathy is the owner. She worked at my vet's at one time. She so loves animals and is fantastic. All the dogs have private outside mini yards

they can go out into anytime except the dog doors are closed at 11pm. Opened again in the morning. Kathy also takes them out for a run a few times a day in the big grass fenced area. She told me she went out to weed-eat and Dude accompanied her. She said he was so good and fun to have there. She loved both Bruiser, she nicknamed 'Velcro' and Dude. Bruiser wouldn't leave her alone and rubbed on her legs and walked between her feet. Hmmmm... he does that to me too! The first two days he was there though, he hid way back in the corner of his room behind some sheets of plywood. She had a heart attack thinking he somehow got out. She looked and looked and finally got a flashlight and looked in the corner... there he was. He did not  eat or pee/poop for two days. He was mad at me probably! Then he warmed up to Kathy. Now he's back to lovin' his mom and sleeping as close to me as he can get!
She had a few llamas on the property also. Such funny looking guys with their underbite teeth!

Anyway, got Dude and Bruiser settled in at the kennel with their beds, food, instructions, and each had a slipper of mine and Dude of course had his stuffed pig to put his head on! Back home to pack my stuff. Such a lonely night without my babies here!!! Hated it. Left 11-ish the next day heading to Woodland 20 miles north of Sacramento... a 5 hour drive. More later..................

Happy Monday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

April 11th
National Cheese Fondue Day


Anonymous said...

welcome back !we missed you!!!p.j.

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks. I miss you guys too. Fed your fish yesterday. They were happy. Don't know if your sis was there or not. Didn't look like any fish food was missing. xo

Lydia said...

Nothing better than quiche. Unless you are a pet and your "mom" came home):-

Hugs and a blessed Passover to you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back...missed you.
Karen B.