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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rain/Hail/Frozen ~ Laughlin ~ Wilsonites ~ Bruiser & Dude ~ Wind Storm

Good 30º everything is frozen morning! Was down to 29º in the night.

Yesterday was wild.... it was dark and gloomy, some sprinkles, the sun came out and the big fluffy white clouds were beautiful, got dark again and we hand a hail storm!!! Then about 1/4" of rain.

I am very sad about the tulips in the yard. They were in full bloom yesterday

 and today they are all droopy and frozen.

The reason I was "off line" was because I went to our Sheriff's Dept
 Reunion in Laughlin.

I did the trip in increments... first to pals Linda and Andy's in Woodland (north of Sacramento), then Linda went with me to Covina, then to Laughlin on Sunday last week. We stayed until Wednesday and did the three increments again until I got home. Long and tiring drive! Had a good time in Laughlin seeing old friends!!! AND there were 3 of us Wilsonites (Woodrow Wilson High School, Los Angeles) there! Carlos Bowers, graduated in 1960, Owen Tong (graduated a few years after me), and me in 1963. There were other Wilsonites who were on the department, Dennis Conte being one.....

I picked up Bruiser and Dude at the kennel on Friday. Here is Mr. Happy riding home with me...

He's my "siren" all the way home!!!

Pulled off the road onto my road and could see the mess from the winds the night before.

Neighbor Cindy told me the power had been off from 11:30pm until about the time I got home. Lots of trees down everywhere and apparently over 1000 without power.

I let Dude out of the car and he was happy to run to the house...

When I got here, one of the geese was greeting me from the roof...

Ahhhh...... home again and with my fur babies!!! Of course Dude won't stop licking me and Bruiser won't stop purring!

Here he is doing his "thing" climbing on top of the entertainment center while I sat in my chair with a glass of wine!

More on the trip later.... more pictures when I get organized! Got to have a short but great visit with my daughter Kristen and grandson Jack.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo


Anonymous said...

Welcome back online! Missed you!!
Didn't you get to see Alex too?

I had to laugh at Bruiser in the cage. He looked so mad! I guess he decided to climb up high so you wouldn't take him to "that place" again! :)

I have never been to Laughlin. Maybe I will attend sometime with John but then he only stays one night so it's not worth my packing. He paid for two nights so on Tuesday he would be able to shower and change before heading home. I sometimes don't understand him. I guess he's just not all that social but he did have a good time.

XOXO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks T. No, Alex was working. Next trip I will get to see her. You should go with John and make him stay a couple nights. Food there is GREAT!!!! The prime rib we had at the hotel Prime Rib Room was the BEST EVER! Better than Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills!!!! xo

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's something I never thought I would hear you say, "better than Lawry's"! WOW!

Yes, I suppose I will go with him next year. John III will have to take over Matthew duties! :)

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

We can dine on the prime rib together!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you home safe. Bruiser and Dude back in the life !!P.J.&D