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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rain ~ Blooming Tree/Running Creek ~ Brian & Sami Disneyland ~ Eggstractor ~ ♥Cats♥ ~ Pizza Potatoes ~ Spinach

Good 41º drizzling morning. Another 1/10" of the wet stuff.

We were supposed to get a "chance" of rain yesterday, but the "sprinkles" came and went all day... so, guess that means "chance". LOL

I have one tree that has started blooming...

The creek is still running pretty good....

And I tossed out corn for the birds and one lonely young Jake came by....

Today Jen and Tucker leave for Washington DC with Tucker's class for a tour. Can't wait to hear about it and see pictures. Here are a few pictures from Brian and Sami's trip to Disneyland last week...

So............ yesterday I tried the new Eggstractor I bought.

I hard boiled eggs, according to the Eggstractor instuctions... Then I used it to take the shells off the eggs...

Some of the egg shells came off fine, some didn't, one egg broke in half..... I spent $14.99 for it and really, not worth it! Will stick to the peeling by hand, although I never had the problems of that one gal in one of the videos!

More cats for my cat loving pals.... "Kitty Love" 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5:

Historically this date...........
1942 – World War II: The first female prisoners arrive at Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

1978 – Four days before the scheduled opening of Japan's Narita International Airport, a group of protestors destroys much of the equipment in the control tower with Molotov cocktails.

1982 – A groundbreaking ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is held in Washington, D.C..

1997 – Thirty-nine bodies are found in the Heaven's Gate cult suicides.

1999 – A jury in Michigan finds Dr. Jack Kevorkian guilty of second-degree murder for administering a lethal injection to a terminally ill man.

And births this date include....

1934 – Alan Arkin, American actor

1940 – James Caan, American actor

1940 – Nancy Pelosi, American politician    ... Gag

1944 – Diana Ross, American singer (The Supremes)
.....She really needs that big hair! Not.

1946 – Johnny Crawford, American actor

.... Still cute! Nice smile.

1948 – Steven Tyler, American singer (Aerosmith)

.....He makes my skin crawl! Creepy! Weirdo. Strange.

1949 – Vicki Lawrence, American actress and singer

.......She always seems like the happiest person~ I'd like to meet her.

1950 – Martin Short, Canadian comedian
   .... Very funny guy!

1960 – Jennifer Grey, American actress

...............She was always cute, but now with that little cosmetic surgery she is a beauty!

Ok, now lets make baked potatoes but as a main dish... lets make a Pizza Potato!

4 medium baking potatoes
1/2 pound ground beef
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1 small onion, chopped
1 tomato chopped
½ to ¾ cup pizza sauce
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
Fresh oregano, basil, or parsley (optional)
1. Bake potatoes in microwave or oven.
2. In large skillet cook beef, green pepper, with onion, until meat is no longer pink, drain. Stir in tomato and pizza sauce, heat through.
3. Split baked potatoes lengthwise, flake potato center with fork. Spoon in meat mixture, top with mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle with oregano, basil, or parsley.
4 or 8 servings...

Later since it was cold and gloomy, dinner was more of that soup I made. So good! Chair, wine, TV. Such an exciting Saturday night!!!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 26th
National Spinach Day

Oh how I love it!!! Cooked or raw!!
National Spinach Day celebrates, this healthy and nutritious spinach. Popeye the Sailor touted the value of spinach. Nutritionists agree, that Popeye is 100% correct!
Gardeners know that spinach is easy to grow. And, it's hardy. You can plant it as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring. Why, that's today in many parts of the country! More on Growing Spinach.
Celebrate today by:
1. Eating spinach. There's no shortage of recipes. It is in everything from soups to salads, casseroles, omelets, and much more. It can be eaten raw or cooked.
2. If you are a gardener, go out and plant some spinach.


Anonymous said...

mmmm I love loaded baked potatoes. My fave is with chili, cheese, onions and jalapenos.

I went to Martin Short's show once. He walked by me and winked at me. :)

Diana Ross's daughter is excellent on "Blackish". In fact she's my fave character on there. I love the show but had to delete the last one without watching all the way thru. It was so racist and anti Republican/Trump. They had better knock that off if they want to keep me as a fan but I know they have a black targeted audience so they keep pushing the envelope! :( Anyway her daughter's hair is just like hers but they fix it in so many cute ways.

So today is Piglosi's birthday! I think she has dementia. She needs to retire and go back home to lib San Fran!!

I do hope you pack up and return that dang egg thing! I learned that most of those gadgets don't work. Makes you wonder HOW they got it to work perfectly in the video. I have learned over the years that the eggs have to be a bit old (not fresh at all) when you boil them. Then roll them around in your hand first, cracking the shell, then peel under cold running water.

Have a good one!

XOXO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

How fun, T, you got a Martin Short wink!!! As for hard boiled eggs, no matter how or when I cook them, I am not good at peeling them. Oh well. I have tried everything! As for watching Blackish, no thanks. Shows with agendas are not my cup of tea. What if there was a show called Whiteish. How would that go over???? xo

Lydia said...

Cotton tshirts are Whitish unless I run them through a load with red items, then they are pinkish. Not to be confused with pink-eye, although my husband might give me the stink eye if that boo-boo is ever repeated.

LOVE. Love. love spinach. My husband once accused me of trying to overdose him with a billion-servings-in-a-row.

Why do you suppose Senator Pelosi picked wearing marbles around her neck as her signature fashion statement? Is it so when someone confronts her with "have you lost your marbles?" She can reply "No. They are right here," pointing to her necklace?

And with the baaaaad joke, I'm outta here.