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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stand For National Anthem ~ Fall ~ Nancy Kujala ~ PJ & Dave ~ Ben Hunt ~ Kathy Corso

Good afternoon.

I got my computer back yesterday and hooked it up today. It's a junk computer, as Turk said, and I really need one with more memory. It will also be faster. I thought the less expensive version was going to work. I was wrong! So, I will be spending the $$ soon on a new one.

Just as a message to Colin Kapperass, I got a new shirt:

That over paid, self-absorbed, entitled, POS can go pound sand, as MOST Americans feel the same way I do. Respect for our country and the men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom. And don't get me started on the entitled donkey butts who are destroying property, using foul language against the election winner, blocking people's travel on roads, and in general being total idiots.....

OK, change the subject..... Here is Fall in Rogue River:

Sunrise this morning:

My maple tree:

My grapevines:

And a ton of leaves that need to be blown off the road.....
And Mr. Buck out enjoying some grass:

Yesterday was a special birthday of friend from high school, Nancy (Kujala) Sammons. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NANCY!!!

It was also the "anniversary" of pals PJ and Dave. HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY kids!

And pal Ben Hunt (LASD ret) had his birthday celebration yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!!

And last but not least, Kathy Corso celebrates her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!!!

All I know. Nuff said. Playing catch up here with a ton of stuff. Have a great Saturday!!

xo Sue Mom Bobo


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue . Good to see ya back up & running ! P.J.

Lydia said...

Welcome back.

That maple tree is total WOW! Have you ever preserved the leaves in full color?

Oregon Sue said...

No, never preserved leaves. I would guess,L, that would mean pressing them under something heavy while they dry? xo

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks PJ! Xo

Anonymous said...

OMG LOVE that Maple tree! Simply gorgeous!!

Love your shirt! As far as I am concerned those millionaire ball players should be fired! After all, they are affecting the income of their employer so it would be absolutely understood if they got fired! Sure you are entitled to freedom of speech BUT on your own damn time, NOT on your employer's time!!

As far as those juvenile acting anarchist, I vote for getting out the hoses and the dogs and rubber bullets and stopping this crap!! Enough already! Those carrying the Mexican Flag can just self deport to the country that they love so much! Also George Soros who has been loading buses full of paid thugs should be either permanently deported or thrown in jail for treason!! See? you got me started! LOL

Hugs, XOXO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Yes,Trish, I totally agree with you!!!