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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dude & Bruiser ~ Lost In The 50's ~ Omaha Pineapple Upside-Down Cake ~ Crock Pot Buffalo Ranch Dip ~ Sue's Bavarian Cream Pie

Good 38º dark cloudy gloomy morning.
Yesterday the sun came out and it was beautiful for a while. Heated to 61º.

My guy was on the porch enjoying the sunshine...

And the Bruise was napping on top of my printer.... (yes, that's why the towel is there!)

Rain started about 3pm but we only got 2/10". Today is another "chance" of rain.

This was shared by pals Nancy (Kujala) and Carol (Nasca) ..Lost In The 50's Tonight ... omgosh, so many memories!!!! (you young folks will NOT understand)

Yesterday I worked on photos again for calendars. Dinner again was reruns. But, breakfast was OMGOOOD! I cooked an egg in the micro (butter, little salt, cheese, pierce yoke, in porcelain dish with saucer on top 50 seconds on high) and an Omaha Steaks Pineapple Upside-Down Cake! (

No thawing, microwave 55 seconds. GADZ I could eat one of those for every meal!!!

Wow, only 70 days left until Super Bowl Sunday!!! February 5, 2017. GO PATRIOTS!!!
I have an awesome Crock Pot Buffalo Ranch Dip I am going to make. 

If you are interested, the recipe is here, 3 ingredients, how easy!:

Historically this date...

1924 – In New York City, the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is held.

1934 – Bank robber Baby Face Nelson dies in a shoot-out with the FBI.

1973 – The Twenty-fifth Amendment: The United States Senate votes 92 to 3 to confirmGerald Ford as Vice President of the United States (on December 6, the House confirmed him 387 to 35).

1978 – In San Francisco, California, city mayor George Moscone and openly gay city supervisor Harvey Milk are assassinated by former supervisor Dan White.

And births this date include....
1916 – Chick Hearn, American sportscaster (d. 2002)
1917 – Buffalo Bob Smith, American television host (d. 1998)

1940 – Bruce Lee, American actor and martial artist (d. 1973)
Real interesting read on his life.
1952 – James D. Wetherbee, American astronaut

1955 – Bill Nye (The science guy), American engineer and broadcaster

1957 – Caroline Kennedy, American journalist and attorney

1958 – Mike Scioscia, American baseball player and manager
He was one of the most awesome catchers ever!!!

Later it was chair, wine, TV (Blue Bloods and Rookie Blue)

All I know. Nuff said. Happy NFL Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 27th
Bavarian Cream Pie Day

I used to make a Bavarian Cream Pie years ago just using Jell-O and Cool Whip...

1 3oz pkg Jell-O ... any flavor

1/4 cup sugar

1½ cups thawed Cool Whip

Make Jell-O per directions adding sugar..1 cup boiling water, 1 cup cold water. Chill until slightly thick, blend in Cool Whip, pour into cracker or Oreo crumb crust and chill. Use strawberry Jell-O and add sliced strawberries when you blend in the Cool Whip. Make it with orange Jell-O and add mandarin orange pieces.


Anonymous said...

I so remember all those old things. At Parnell we had sidewalks going around the entire school. So we would put on our saddle shoes, tighten up the roller skates and off we would go. :)

Also every day at 5:00 Miss Yoder would let us sit in the living room of the Big House and watch the Mickey Mouse Club. Loved it.

You are always finding good stuff on Omaha Steaks that I didn't see. That little cake looks yummy.

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Trish, get some of those Pineapple cakes. Hide them, and just fix for yourself!!!! OMGOSH, soooooooooooo good!!!! Think I'll go fix one now!!! xoxo

Lydia said...

The pineapple upside down cakes look devilish good. I have peaches- maybe I could do something similar using cupcake tins for individual servings.

Thank you for the rain. We got a couple good soakings out of it. If you have any more to spare, my Oklahoma friends would appreciate some sent their way.

Oregon Sue said...

Peach upside-down cakes sound good!! L, I can only blow the clouds south your way, never works blowing them east. Sorry. xo