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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Frozen ~ Clouds ~ Backup ~ Evans Pest Control ~ Over The Top Yogurt ~ Easy Baked Artichoke ~ Pretzel Day

Good 31º clear sunny frozen morning.
Yesterday it stayed cold... in the 40ºs most of the morning, then heated up to the 50ºs! Finally by 2pm it was 60º.
Pretty clouds yesterday...
This is funny.... and true! :

Ted Evans and his son Nicholas of Evans Pest came up and sprayed all my roads, around the barn, and the weeds on the side of the house.

He does a great job. If any of you in this area are interested... he does insect control, weed control, tree and yard spraying, tree injections for insect and fungus control, rodent and gopher baiting, soil sterilization.

Call him for a free phone estimate...  541-772-4541. Highly recommended by me!

Later I had breakfast/lunch... Some plain low fat yogurt, topped with chopped celery, tomatoes, drizzles of sriracha mayonnaise, and cheese..... SUPER good, low calorie, and filling!

Historically this date
1944 – Georgios Papandreou becomes head of the Greek government-in-exile based inEgypt.

1962 – NASA's Ranger 4 spacecraft crashes into the Moon.

1981 – Dr. Michael R. Harrison of the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center performs the world's first human open fetal surgery.

1986 – A nuclear reactor accident occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in theSoviet Union (now Ukraine), creating the world's worst nuclear disaster.


And births this date include...
1900 – Charles Richter, American geophysicist (d. 1985)

1933 – Carol Burnett, American comedian

1938 – Duane Eddy, American musician

1942 – Bobby Rydell, American singer
Do you like artichokes? I love them. Here's an Easy Baked Artichoke:

Ingredients:  Artichoke, Lemon, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Minced Garlic, Parsley, Parmesan
Remove the stem of the artichoke. Cut about one inch off the top of the artichoke. Take a pair of kitchen scissors and snip off the thorns on the tips of the petals.
Using half a lemon, rub the lemon juice all over the cut portion of the choke to prevent it from browning. Season with salt and pepper. Spread open the petals and rub minced garlic all over. Add the parsley and Parmesan, making sure you get it between the petals.
Wrap the choke in aluminum foil. Bake 425º for 1 hour 20 minutes. When done serve with extra parsley, lemon wedge, and your favorite dipping sauce.
Later it was chair, wine, TV, and some phone conversations.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
April 26th
National Pretzel Day

National Pretzel Day celebrates pretzels of all shapes and sizes.
How do you like your pretzel? Thick or thin? Straight or twisted? Crisp and crunchy, or soft? Salted, unsalted, mustard flavored, perhaps? There's no shortage of types of pretzels. If you are having trouble deciding which ones, we suggest you mix a bunch of different types of pretzels in a big bowl, and grab a handful, or two, or three, or.....
Did you know? Pretzels are believed to be the world's oldest snack. Pretzels date back to 610AD in Southern France. Monks baked thin strips of dough into the shape of a child's arms folded in prayer. Add a little salt, and Voila! ...the pretzel industry was born.  


Anonymous said...

Oh do we love artichokes!! However, who can afford them down here? Well, it's just a matter of not buying them at the same price you would pay for a filet mignon! :( Damn and Matthew loves them. My cleaning lady said she was going to plant some. I told her what you have told us about each plant takes up lots of room and they take about three years to produce, right?
We used to get a bargain on them a certain time of the year but for some reason, no more.

There was a surprise rain here yesterday evening around 6:30. The wind blew like crazy and I am told there was thunder and lightening then rain. Since we were in a restaurant in a meeting I only saw people with umbrellas but it didn't last.

mmmm White chocolate covered pretzels! :)

XOXO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

I have purchased artichokes other than the Globe and do not like them. Yes, artichoke plants get big and do take a few years to mature. Glad you got the rain T!!! xoxo

Lydia said...

If I wasn't baking carrot cake, I would go for pretzels.

We love artichoke. Especially finished on a cedar plank on the grill. Will have to try roasting. Nothing wrong with sharing an artichoke- which are fussy about where grown- it is cheaper to purchase than grow plants expecting anything but an ornamental crop.

Never thought of yogurt that way- thank you for the suggestion.

Oregon Sue said...

What I like about plain yogurt,L, you can add anything to it!!! You can turn it Italian... drizzle in some marinara sauce, chopped pepperoni, and cheese. Yummm... Make it Mexican with chopped chiles, a touch of salsa, slice into strips some corn tortillas coat with a little oil and roast until crispy and lay on top. xo