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Monday, February 15, 2016

Gloom ~ Missed Celebration ~ President's Day ~ Turkey Hens & Geese ~ Olga Duran ~ Chuck Kuehl ~ Lee Taylor ~ Stuffed Sole & Farro ~ Love the Coopers

Good 49º foggy morning. Stayed gloomy and cloudy all day here yesterday. Sun did come out for 2 minutes a couple of times. Dude ran and I drove the golf cart to the road to take out the trash. On the way back there were raindrops on the windshield. Good timing.
Yesterday morning (yawn.... early) I was going to meet up with Brian and family at Taprock for his birthday brunch, but unfortunately Sami was sick, so the celebration was postponed until she is better. No school today, President's Day holiday, so that gives her one more day to recover.
Here is some interesting information and a video about President's Day...  
I heard commotion outside and looked to see the turkey hens chasing the geese away! How odd, the geese are much more aggressive than the turkeys!

Wow, more special birthdays today...
My friend Olga (married to Jim..LASD Lt) Duran is celebrating... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY GIRL!!!
Olga with Jimmy and two of her boys, Michael and Aidan. Her oldest son is with LASD also!
Also... Patty & Cliff's son Chuck is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCK!!!!
.... with his bride Linda. (sorry, no new photos of you guys!)
And, Lee "Tiffany" Taylor (LASD ret) is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE!

Historically this date.....
1898 – Spanish-American War: The USS Maine explodes and sinks in Havana harbor inCuba, killing more than 260. This event leads the United States to declare war on Spain.
1961 – Sabena Flight 548 crashes in Belgium, killing 73, including the entire United States figure skating team, several coaches and family members.
All 18 athletes of the 1961 U.S. figure skating team and 16 family members, coaches, and officials were among the fatalities. The dead included, most notably, 9-time U.S. ladies' champion Maribel Vinson-Owen and her two daughters, reigning U.S. ladies' champion Laurence Owen, reigning U.S. pairs champions Maribel Y. Owen and her partner Dudley Richards, reigning U.S. men's champion Bradley Lord, U.S. men's silver medalist Gregory Kelley, U.S. ladies' silver medalist Stephanie Westerfeld, U.S. ladies' bronze medalist Rhode Lee Michelson and U.S. ice dancing champions Diane Sherbloomand Larry Pierce. The loss of the U.S. team was considered so catastrophic for the sport that the 1961 World Figure Skating Championships were canceled.
And births this date include...
1564 – Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer and physicist (d. 1642)
1797 – Henry E. Steinway, German piano maker (d. 1871)
1812 – Charles Lewis Tiffany, American jeweler (d. 1902)
1820 – Susan B. Anthony, American suffragist (d. 1906)
1877 – Louis Renault, French automobile executive (d. 1944)
... Sandy had a Renault... what a funny and fun little car!
1907 – Cesar Romero, American actor (d. 1994)'s_WifeMA28943841-0031.jpg

1927 – Harvey Korman, American actor and comedian (d. 2008)
1935 – Roger Chaffee, astronaut (d. 1967)
1947 – Rusty Hamer, American actor (d. 1990)
1951 – Jane Seymour, British actress
1964 – Chris Farley, American actor and comedian (d. 1997)
Dinner Saturday was a stuffed sole with crab and scallops from Omaha Steaks... bake in oven 40 minutes. I also cooked some Farro (
First I re-hydrated some sliced garlic, peas, asparagus, and mushrooms. (use fresh if you have them! I didn't have any fresh veggies as I had just cleaned out the two lower drawers in my fridge!)

I cook the Farro in my rice cooker...

Then I sauteéd the mushrooms and garlic, added in the peas and asparagus. When the Farro was done, it went in the pan along with some ricotta cheese....

When the sole was baked I squeezed on some lemon and used the Opa for the sauce (

Later I paid $4.99 to watch a movie. I never do that... but not much was on and it sounded good. WHAT A BIG DISSAPOINTMENT! "Love the Coopers" with Diane Keaton.  I could hardly stay awake to watch it all. Super weird dysfunctional family with Diane as the mom and John Goodman as the dad. Horrible! I have always liked Diane Keaton, but she was as horrible as was the rest of the cast in this. Writing was awful. Don't understand the stars reason for doing this stupid movie! I did like the dog though!! Diane is a So. Cal gal... graduated from Santa Ana High School. My sister Betty and her Joe and kids Nancy, MaryAnn, and Joe Jr lived in Santa Ana and Diane babysat for them when they were little.

Ahhhh well, back to Blue Bloods!
Dinner was some Progresso Light New England Clam Chowder.

Not in the cooking or eating much mood. I like these soups, just pour into a big mug, heat in the microwave 2 minutes, and voilá, dinner!
All I know. Nuff said. Happy President's Day. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 15th

National Gumdrop Day honors the popular, gelatin-based candy.  Gumdrops have been a favorite candy for many decades. Nowadays, the "Gummi" candies which are the same gelatin base, are the most popular gumdrop type of sweet.
On National Gumdrop Day, you know what to do... eat Gumdrops to your heart's content! 



Anonymous said...

Well, you are as sneaky as Jerry was..Thanks for the billing among your other good friends...See ya in April, LT

Oregon Sue said...

LOL Tiffany!!! Have a GREAT birthday!! xo

Anonymous said...

How awful about the US ice skating team. I don't remember that but it was just 13 days after my wedding so I must have still been floating on a cloud.

Thanks for the movie review. What a disappointment when you pay for a movie and it sucks. Almost as bad as seeing an awful one in the theater. Of course in the past when that's happened we just movie hop and see a better one. Got to get our money's worth! :)

That SusanBA dollar was a disaster and so glad they stopped making them. I wonder what dummy in the government decided to make them. My kids working in the kitchen at Chaparral were forever mistaking them for a quarter because they were nearly the same size! I used to always find them in with the quarters. No doubt many were given out as quarters too. UG!

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Some guy named Blumenthal was the Sec of Treasury under Carter (jerk) and the Susan B coin was his idea. Certainly a waste of money and time. xo

Lydia said...

Happy Day from the hot chicks in So Cal- it's gonna be a cooker today- so it can be said with certainty that gal pals in the vicinity can all be hot chicks.

Think I'll round up some Jelly Belly Beans for President's Day.

Geese are definitely aggressive. One of the funniest things I've ever seen was a little niece chasing some- when they decided it was their turn. Picked at her diaper all the way back up the driveway.

It was a better tradition for a sport to be cancelled- or at least put on hold- in the face of tragedy. I suppose such are decided case-by-case. Yet I've never felt right about the Munich Olympics, when the Israeli's were massacred. At the very least, their families deserved an apology that their expected safe return never happened.

VanetteC said...

Happy Birthday to Lee... he celebrates with a great many intelligent, high achievers who have gone before him.!!

Oregon Sue said...

You are suffering with heat, L, and we have gloom and my pals in Illinois and NY are freezing their butts off! Nobody is really happy except my nephew and wife who are in Belize for a month! ox

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, Lee is a great guy, Vanette! xo