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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oregon #1 ~ Dogs vs Stairs ~ Wayne Low ~ Cheese Shell Tacos ~ License Plates & Gas Sign ~ Rice Beans & Chocolate Cake

Good 42º foggy morning.

DARN! Oregon is the number 1 most popular state to move to for the last 3 years!
This will put big smiles you your face... from Brooklyn Vivia... Dogs and Stairs!

I was watching this video and Bruiser (laying on my printer) was intent on watching it too!

A special birthday today, Wayne Low (LASD SEB Motors ret) AHHHH ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSA ROW!!!!
(Also in this picture is my friend, Dale Yellin ... 10th from left.)
Historically this date...
1967 – Astronauts Gus GrissomEdward White and Roger Chaffee are killed in a fire during a test of their Apollo 1 spacecraft at the Kennedy Space CenterFlorida.
............such a HUGE tragedy. Such a sad sad day!

1984 – Pop singer Michael Jackson suffers second degree burns to his scalp during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in the Shrine Auditorium.

2006 – Western Union discontinues its Telegram and Commercial Messaging services. :o(

And births this date include....
1918 – Skitch Henderson, American bandleader (d. 2005)
He was great! Missed as much as Johnny Carson....
and so unlike that creep that leads the band, Paul Schaffer, on the Letterman (another creep!) show!

1921 – Donna Reed, American actress (d. 1986)

1936 – Troy Donahue, American actor (d. 2001)

1948 –Mikhail Baryshnikov, Russian ballet dancer

1964 – Bridget Fonda, American actress
I am going to HAVE to make these.... Cheese Shell Tacos!!!

Yesterday's "brunch" was a hummus wrap with guacamolé and pickled asparagus. Hummus wraps from Costco in the deli case.... SUPER good! 
A quick trip into town for prescription, then to drop off the jar Jennifer gave me the Manhattan chowder in (hopefully she will give me the recipe SOME day!) and she gave me some of her "white beans", and to Brian's office. He was interested in some license plates I have collected... wants to put them up on the wall in his office. Good! One more of my "collections" to get rid of! Plus he is interested in old signs also.  

An original sign (Flying A became Phillips 66) and selling for over $100 now!

Brian put up the plates and the sign in his office and sent me this picture..
Later I heated Jennifer's beans and some of my veggie/pulled pork (from my blog on January 22nd)...

Her beans reallllllly good. A recipe please Jen??????
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Hump Day. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
January 27th
Chocolate Cake Day

Chocolate Cake Day is a a chocolate lovers delight, and a day to eat cake. Why this a day to "bake your chocolate cake....and eat it, too!"
On this day, a white or yellow cake will not do. Nor, will part chocolate, part white suffice. It must be chocolate, all chocolate. You can make milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fudge, or any other type of chocolate cake.
The only reference to Chocolate Day on the Internet is from Ecard and calendar websites. This might lead you to conclude that this as a day for(and by) the Ecard companies. But, we know better. This day is for you, and all chocolate lovers.

There are three objectives of Chocolate Cake Day: To bake a chocolate cake. To decorate a chocolate cake. And, to eat a chocolate cake. Of course, if you are to busy to bake or decorate a cake, then just eating a chocolate cake will certainly do! 


Lydia said...

FABULOUS blog today. Let me know how the taco shells turn out. Will they hold up to the filling? Or are they better as chips to dip in guacamole.

Friends shared a molten chocolate cake this week- I shouldn't repeat in the same week- yet the temptation is a happy one.

We have stairs. And dogs. Yes, together they can be heart-warming.

Thank you for the great start to the day.

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks for the comments, L! AFter watching the video on the Cheese taco shells, they look like they would work fine! ox

Anonymous said...

Watched the taco video and they look like appetizer tacos to me and more work than I want to do. :) I love love the new shells that are flat on the bottom and will stand up alone. I am surprised they took so long to invent those!

Jen's beans look wonderful and they contain meat! Looking fwd to the recipe. I think I saw you sent the recipe for her Manhattan clam chowder. Haven't opened it yet. Thanks!

The license plates over the old cars in Brian's office look terrific. John collects old car club signs and has them on his garage wall. Some license plates too. Arkansas? I'll ask him if he wants to send it to Brian. :)

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, the cheese taco shells look like a little work, but I bet are good, so going to try them. xoxoxo