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Monday, October 19, 2015

Clouds ~ Brian Sami Brandon New TV ~ Sunday Football ~ 1958,59,60 Me ~ Monday Football

Good 50º very cloudy morning. Rain predicted for today. (I doubt it!!!) So far the radar is all at the coast...

"10-19" = return to indicated location
Yesterday was JUST BEAUTIFUL!! First thing I turned on the heater! Then it got perfect outside and I opened all the doors and windows..

 For a while this one looked like a dragon attacking a chicken! :

Brain, Sami, and Brandon (young friend of Brian's) came over to remove my old TV and put in a new "high def" TV. Job removing the old heaver than all get out TV!

.... and the old one takes a ride in Brian's truck to the recycle place...

Tucker and Sami love driving my golf cart. Unfortunately, Tucker had homework to do and couldn't join us. Sami took Brandon for a ride..

Then she wanted to take me for a ride....

Dude of course, ran along..... "hey mom.... where ya goin'? huh ? huh?"

Yesterday's football scores:

Historically this date
1943 – Streptomycin, the first antibiotic remedy for tuberculosis, is isolated by researchers at Rutgers University.

1944 – United States forces land in the Philippines.

2004 – Care International aid worker Margaret Hassan is kidnapped in Iraq.

2005 – Hurricane Wilma becomes the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record with a minimum pressure of 882 mb.

And births this date include....
1932 – Robert Reed, American actor (d. 1992)

1936 – Tony Lo Bianco, American actor

1945 – John Lithgow, American actor

1965 – Ty Pennington, American television personality

1967 – Amy Carter, daughter of US President Jimmy Carter
My sister Betty sent me some photos.. they had been with Mom's stuff. Me: 13, 14, 15!

Thanks Betty! OMGOODNESS!!!!
Dinner was reruns.
Tonight's football:

New TV, chair, and wine. Nice.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
October 19th
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day


Lydia said...

GOOD morning. Enjoy the new TV. Gerry did a brilliant job of customizing the old cabinet when the clunker left the residence.

I think cleaning my desk top would be a very good idea):- Thank you for the inspiration.

Oregon Sue said...

I'd clean my desk top, but I don't wannna!!!! xo