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Monday, September 21, 2015

WD-40 ~ Sunday Football ~ Monday Football ~ Miss Bonnie ~ Randy SweetBox ~ Barry Keith ~ Pet Goose ~ Tap Rock for Dave

Good 50º clear sunny morning.
I love WD-40 for so many uses ... here is the tips of the week:
Whether you are wearing a block of cheese or a helmet, watching from the stands or playing o the field, keep a can of WD-40 handy to help enjoy...

It can help:
Remove grass stains from football helmets
Protect metal bleachers from rust
Lubricate stubborn zippers on gym bags
Yesterday was Football Sunday ... here are the scores:

LOL! (sorry Suz!)

Sad that the Cowboy's QB Romo broke his collarbone in the game yesterday. He will be sidelined for a while with that injury!
And depending on what your name is, be careful who you sit next to....

Tonight's Monday Night Football:

Special birthdays today... my friend Miss Bonnie Seibert. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BONNIE!!! I hope it's a GREAT day for you.
               Here in India with her daughter Laurie Klinger ^
Today is also the birthday of a former partner of Jerry's.. Randy Honeycutt (LASD ret). HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY! Special day for special guy!
Here with his bride, Chris... You know Jerry always had nicknames for everyone! Randy's was 'SweetBox' !! (look at his last name and you figure it out!)
And also celebrating today is Jerry's gun show pal, Barry Keith. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY!!! Thinking aboutcha on this special day! ox
                           With his bride Dawna!

Historically this date...
 1780 – American Revolutionary WarBenedict Arnold gives theBritish the plans to West Point.

1897 – The "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial is published in the New York Sun.

1942 – The B-29 Superfortress makes its maiden flight.

1961 – Maiden flight of the CH-47 Chinook transportation helicopter.

1964 – The North American XB-70 Valkyrie, the world's first Mach 3 bomber, makes its maiden flight from Palmdale, California.

And births this date include...
1903 – Preston Tucker, American automobile designer (d. 1956) The Tucker automobile was quiet a ride. Maybe someday our Tucker can get one! How cool would that be!
1931 – Larry Hagman, American actor (d.2012)

1935 – Henry Gibson, American actor (d. 2009)

1945 – Jerry Bruckheimer, American film and television producer

.... one of very few in Hollyweird who is a Republican... outwardly supported President GW Bush and John McCain.

1950 – Bill Murray, American comedian and actor

Lookin' a little ratty....
an interesting read... he seems a can short of a sixer too!

1961 – Nancy Travis, American actress

A fav actress of mine.

Geese are interesting little guys. I love it every Spring when "my geese" stop in for a visit before nesting. Here is a fun 2 minute video of a man and his goose pal in Echo Park Los Angeles...  The goose is now in a safe haven in a zoo.
Yesterday I met up with PJ and Dave at Tap Rock for Sunday Brunch. We were celebrating Dave's birthday a bit late (9-12)... It was such a beautiful day!

Dave and PJ had the buffet ... Dave was thrilled with the prime rib roast they had and made quick work of his~!

I had one of my favs, the veggie omelette with Swiss cheese and a blueberry muffin. I also had a dish of fruit (melons grapes pineapple). They forgot that and put the hash browns on the plate instead. It eventually showed up!

We all had mimosas and thought after all that a nap would be perfect~! Home, chair, football, nap! Dinner was super easy... I put the soup in a bowl, added a handful of baby spinach, and heated in the micro!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 21st
Miniature Golf Day
(Tucker, last year^)
Miniature Golf Day is today. So hit your local miniature golf course for some fun.
Miniature golf is wildly popular by adults and children. It's a great date for couples, young and old.  It's a great place to hold a birthday party for kids. You don't have to be good at miniature golf. With twists, turns, and a variety of obstacles, your score is partially the result of luck. And, that's half of the fun of it.  
Take someone with you today to play a round or two of miniature golf.

I certainly hope that your day is up to par!  


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't commented in the last two blogs but busy at the CRP Convention. Surprisingly there are more "R"s in Hollyweird than you would think. They have their own private club too. :) My friend who works for Warner Brothers was invited to their club for a movie showing. She said mums the word about who attends because it could affect their careers.

I have always liked Nancy Travis too. I love her on Tim Allen's series. She always seems to be smiling even when she's serious. lol

Dave's plate sure looked loaded and good. I liked your choice tho. I always like to say when ordering a Mimosa, "Hold the OJ Please"! :)

I did not know that Tucker is the same age as Matthew! They are about two weeks apart. Neat!

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Interesting about Hollyweird! As for the mimosa, you nutt! I like them because if I'm drinking oj then I don't feel guilty about alcohol so early!!! ox