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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weather ~ Kristen's Cancer ~ Crazy Sky ~ Rain ~ Smoke ~ Bruiser Lays In Wait ~ Buck ~ Spencer ~ Marie ~ Bruiser ~ Bavarian Dinner

Good 66º cloudy still smokey morning.
"Chance" of thunderstorm....

We still had HOT weather yesterday... it was 100º at 2pm, 104º at 2:45pm, and hit the high of 105º at 3:05pm. Sigh....

Last evening I got some REALLY GOOD NEWS. Kristen's tumor marker was 700 when she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at stage 4. She went through chemo, then the surgery. Then her marker was at 122. Now she's having more chemo (9 rounds total, 6 to go) and her marker is 16!!!!!! She is in remission. THANK GOD!!!!! Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.  I tried to call several of you to no avail, so this is what I wanted to tell you.

Yesterday I forgot that August 1st was the day we moved here in 1998.

With all the smoke and clouds hanging over head, the sun had a hard time coming through... this was 8am:

The thunder boomers started about 8:45am. Scared Dude. LOUD~  Pretty soon I heard rain. I was coming down hard in big drops. Noisy!
Lasted all of a minute. Dang!
All day it stayed like this:

Horrible! Mike and Jennifer escaped to the coast for a drive and a hamburger. They asked me to go, but just wanted to stay with Bruise and Dude and stay inside!

Bruiser wants to play with Dude, but Dude will have nothing to do with that. He panics. He went out to do his morning duty and Bruiser always knows when he's coming back and lays in wait. Caught it on film:
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I watered for a bit out back. Then about 9:30 I looked out and a doe and buck were munching the apples from the apple tree. Hard to get pictures, didn't want to scare them... She kept a low profile, but he stood up to reach the apples...

Lunch was cheese rice cakes, one topped with tomato and the other with a fried egg...

Today is special for several people... My pal Erika's hubby Spencer is celebrating his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER!!!

Also Marie Vincent, former Temple City neighbor, is also celebrating! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!!  With her hubby Bob. Tomorrow is their 52nd wedding anniversary. Congratulations kids and have a great celebration! 

And this is the day I celebrate Bruiser's birthday. Figuring he was born in 2008.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAZY CAT I LOVE!

Historically this date...
1776 – The signing of the United States Declaration of Independence took place.

1923 – As vice president, Calvin Coolidge becomes the 30th President of the United States after the death of Warren G. Harding

1964 – Vietnam WarGulf of Tonkin incident – North Vietnamese gunboats allegedly fire on the U.S. destroyers USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy.

1990 – Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War. Brian joins the Marines!
And births this date include...

1924 – Carroll O'Connor, American actor (d. 2001)
1932 – Peter O'Toole, Irish actor (d. 2013)
1945 – Joanna Cassidy, American actress
Later I put together my Bavarian Dinner...
This original recipe came from my sister Marion in 1975...
Bavarian Dinner

1# franks, cut up (I like to use the Kielbasa .. 3½ lengths)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
½ cup mayonnaise
1 t. caraway seed
1 can sauerkraut, drained (I used this 17oz jar and put most of it in... except for a few spoonfuls I had to eat!)
1 can (13oz) whole white potatoes, drained and sliced.
(Didn't have any canned potatoes so peeled and boiled 2 potatoes for 15 min in salted water, drained and cooled and cut up.
Mix all ingredients.

Bake 30 minutes at 350º
I put it in my casserole Crock*Pot on low for 2 hours.

REALLY GOOD! Easy, simple.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
August 2nd
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day


Lydia said...

Hallelujah on Kristen. May good health and good fortune follow for the rest of her life.

I love other people's deer.

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks L!! ox "Other peoples deer" ... because they don't eat your garden? LOL

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL WONDERFUL NEWS ABOUT KRISTEN!! May God continue to bless her forever!! So happy to hear that!

Dinner looks yummy as always!

I cracked up at Bruiser. He is such a funny kitty. He has come a long way since he was Casper! :)

Funny about Carol O'Connor. He played the part of an ultra conservative but in real life he was very much a liberal.

Hugs! XO Trisha

Janet Beck said...

So happy for Kristen and your family! God is good and does hear our prayers. Not to minimize our doctors and medicines that help! Praying for continued good news.

Oregon Sue said...

Thank you ladies! It is the BEST news!!! xoxo