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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sky ~ Frank Gifford ~ Quinoa ~ Guacamolé ~ Bruiser ~ Dude ~ Turkeys ~ Rescue Pup ~ Artichokes ~ Buck Does Fawn ~ Sami & Tucker

Good 50º clear with a few wispy clouds morning.
Yesterday at 10am:
and by 11:00 the clouds were blowing in and I could smell the smoke...
10am 70º, noon 81º, 1pm 85º, 2:15 90º

I was sad to hear that Frank Gifford died yesterday. He was really a neat guy. So sad for the family.
NFL Hall of Famer Frank Gifford has died, according to a statement from his family. He was 84 years old. "It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our beloved husband, father and friend, Frank Gifford," the family said in a statement. "Frank died suddenly this beautiful Sunday morning of natural causes at his Connecticut home." He and Kathie Lee were still married since 1986.
Breakfast was some of that quinoa with artichoke and roasted pepper sauce and some cottage cheese. I'm going to have to buy another case of that quinoa from Costco!
Then lunch... I cannot stop eating that guacamolé from Costco on the white cheddar rice cakes!

Bruiser is such a nut. He loves to drink water out of a cup I leave on the bathroom sink for him. And, the strange thing he likes the water really warm! He'll drink it cold but if I get the really warm water from the faucet he laps it up like no tomorrow!
Well then, so is Dude. 90º and he wants out to lay in the sun!

The turkeys aren't dumb, they stay in the shade!

Historically this date...
1519 – Ferdinand Magellan's five ships set sail from Seville to circumnavigate the globe. The Basque second in command Sebastian Elcano will complete the expedition afterMagellan's death in the Philippines.
1846 – The Smithsonian Institution is chartered by the United States Congress afterJames Smithson donates $500,000.
1948 – Candid Camera makes its television debut after being on radio for a year asCandid Microphone.
Allen Funt.... neat guy! Funny!
1969 – A day after murdering Sharon Tate and four others, members of Charles Manson's cult kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.
1981 – Murder of Adam Walsh: the head of John Walsh's son is found. This inspires the creation of the television series America's Most Wanted.
2003 – The highest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom – 38.5 °C(101.3 °F) in Kent. It is the first time the United Kingdom has recorded a temperature over 100 °F (38 °C).
And births this date include....
1889 – Charles Darrow, American board game creator (Monopoly) (d. 1967)
1898 – Jack Haley, American actor (d. 1979)

1913 – Noah Beery, Jr., American actor (d. 1994)
1923 – Rhonda Fleming, American actress

1924 – Martha Hyer, American actress (d.2014)
1928 – Jimmy Dean, American singer and businessman (d. 2010)
1928 – Eddie Fisher, American singer (d. 2010)

Interesting read ... Debbie talks about Eddie divorcing her and marrying Liz Taylor..
1940 – Bobby Hatfield, American singer (The Righteous Brothers) (d. 2003)
1960 – Antonio Banderas, Spanish actor

Ok, watch this inspiring video of an abandoned sick puppy whose transformation will clean out your eyes with tears of happiness:

Dinner was a couple artichokes.... one sauce to dip in was the creamy garlic and the other was a mixture of mayonnaise and siracha mayo:

Sitting in the living room I saw movement outside. Here was our buck and two does and one fawn.

The mom doe and her fawn were drinking water from the tub...

Then the other doe jumped the fence and was eating grass in the yard. Later I looked out back and mom doe and baby were laying in the grass but I scared them... so she stood up. I waited a while and looked out and they were still there...
Then when I went out to take the sunset picture this doe was eating leaves off the apple tree in the front yard, scared her and she jumped the fence out to the pasture...

Brian and family are home now but here's one more picture from their coast adventure:

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
August 10th
National S'mores Day

S'mores are a favorite campsite treat for young and old kids. If you're at a campfire, chances are, there's S'mores. Sticky and gooey, and loaded with sugar and carbs, S'mores are nothing short of delicious. Who was the first person to create S'mores? We don't know. But, we're all sure glad they did!
National S'mores Day celebrates this tasty summer treat. It's appropriately observed in August...campfire prime time. Don't limit your consumption of S'ores to the campfire. They are popular with kids year round, and can be baked in the oven, or microwave.
The origin of S'mores dates back to the 1920's. It's believed the recipe was created by the Campfire Girls. Girl Scouts soon discovered it, and found it to be choclatey delicious.  Before long, S'mores became a campfire staple for everyone. S'more folklore suggests that S'mores got its name right by the campfire. After eating one, young kids chanted "gimme some more!"
While much is written about National S'mores Day, our research has been unable to verify that this is an officially recognized national day (which requires an act of Congress). Don't let that stop you from celebrating this day with a few S'mores.

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Lydia said...

I wonder how many avocados and guacamole meals you have inspired? Your enthusiasm for the green stuff is contagious.

Charley is back from Alaska- looks like her family had a grand time.