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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Madeline ~ Coffee's Benefits ~ Linda K ~ Jon H ~ Feather Collecting ~ Errands ~ Sushi

Good 52º sunny wispy cloudy morning. Yesterday afternoon, 96º and a couple clouds:
Here's our new little girl at 20 hours old.

Now this is interesting from Dr. Axe about coffee. Do you drink coffee? If you don't it sounds like you should!
Greek yogurt, chopped cucumber, a little siracha mayonnaise, and coffee!

Two birthdays today... my pals Patty & Cliff's son Chuck's wife Linda (whew)... is celebrating today. Well not so much as she just had back surgery yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA. (pass it on, Chuck! xo)
(sorry photo is so little!)
And high school pal, Jon Harting is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON. You're catching up!!! LOL

Historically this date...
1933 – Wiley Post becomes the first person to fly solo around the world traveling 15,596 miles (25,099 km) in 7 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes.

1934 – Outside Chicago's Biograph Theater, "Public Enemy No. 1" John Dillinger is mortally wounded by FBI agents.

1991 – Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested in Milwaukee after police discover human remains in his apartment.

... creepy and crazy like that guy who killed all those people in Colorado Friday! Beaten to death by fellow inmate!

2011 – Norway is the victim of twin terror attacks, the first being a bomb blast which targeted government buildings in central Oslo, the second being a massacre at a youth camp on the island of Utøya.

And births this date include...
1890 – Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, American Kennedy family matriarch (d. 1995)

1908 – Amy Vanderbilt, American etiquette authority (d. 1974)
.... Etiquette? No such thing anymore!!!!!!!! Kids and adults alike are rude, crude, and unrefined! Not manner one!

1923 – Bob Dole, American politician, 1996 Republican Presidential candidate

1943 – Bobby Sherman, American singer and actor
....LAPD reserve officer

1946 – Danny Glover, American actor

1947 – Albert Brooks, American comedian

1955 – Willem Dafoe, American actor
I found this feather...
front:                                          back:

Don't know what kind of bird it's from. Made a small wreath a few years back so added it to ..... also had one from before:

I love feathers!! This is a larger wreath that hangs over my desk:
Mostly turkey feathers with a peacock feather from the Arcadia Arboretum and up at the top left is a pheasant feather.

As I headed out to do some shopping, the Trees Inc guys were still on my road. I thanked them for bringing in my trash cans. Nice. Then into Grants Pass for a few items from Safeway...I was hungry, not good, so I had a blast shopping. More on that later...

Then I stopped at Kitchen Company where Jennifer works...
to drop off some pictures I took of her critters and some Shed Relief for her to try on her cat and maybe dogs too.

Works for Dude, my shed monster!  Nancy and Jeannie both said it worked for their dogs too. Got rid of the itching and shedding. Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids and when missing from their diet it make for excessive shedding. It keeps their skin and coat in top condition.
After I got home and put all the groceries away and was STARVING I fixed a plate of the sushi I got at the market. I mixed some Siracha Mayonnaise and some Tabasco Spicy Soy Sauce for dipping and poured a glass of cold saké!OMGOOD!!!


Then I was too full to think about cooking again .... Chair time.

Oh yes:

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Hump Day. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 22nd
National Hammock Day

Summer is in full swing. It's time to slow down and to relax. During the Dog Days of summer (and all of the other summer days, too), there is no better place to slow down and relax, than on a hammock.
Hammock Day is appropriately celebrated right in the middle of the Dog Days of summer (July 3 though August 11th.
Hammock Day exists to enjoy summer as it should be enjoyed. People celebrate Hammock Day by spending as much time relaxing on it as possible. Getting out of your hammock to get a snack, or your favorite summer beverage is okay. But, it is not a day for work. Cutting the lawn is forbidden on this day.
The roots of Hammock Day and Hammock Day history is largely unknown. Maybe the originator was too busy napping on his or her hammock!?!



Anonymous said...

AWWWW Love the photo of 20 hour old Missy. She looks so alert and love those long fingers.

You are soooo right about etiquette nowadays. Surprised me when Matthew came to us with good manners. I am still teaching him tho. There are so many things that people just don't know about manners. Number 1 that I can think of right now is: A gentleman never offers to shake hands with a lady first. The lady offers her hand if she wants to shake. I personally do not like to shake hands but feel awkward if I don't offer when I meet someone new. Usually if it's a man he sticks his hand out right away. SMH!

LOVE LOVE reading about the great affects of coffee! We were always told it's not good to drink much of it. Well, I drink nearly a whole pot every morning! :)

XO Trisha

Anonymous said...

RE: the feather ,it's from a flicker woodpecker. P.J.

Oregon Sue said...

She is a pretty little baby!

I told my daughter years ago that when you are out with a man, NEVER open your own car door. ALWAYS wait for him. Even if he's gotten into the car, stand there and wait. Same with getting out of a car. Just sit until he opens the door! My boys got the same type of lecture.... Good manners are important. Table manners tops my list. Brian said in boot camp most of the guys had not one ounce of table manners! Sad.

Oregon Sue said...


Anonymous said...

LOL I can just imagine the guys at boot camp were like pigs at a trough! They were probably starved after what they had been going thru. Yes, I taught the boys table manners also. It's funny how John enforces good table manners with Matthew. At times I have cut a piece of meat with a knife and fork and instead of switching hands to take the bite I do the "English" thing and take the bite with my left hand with my knife in the other. Then Matthew started doing that. lol John jumps on him every time.

We have taught Matthew to pray at bedtime and also before dinner so he does it every night.

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Matthew is one lucky little boy to have such a great and loving family!!! xo

Lydia said...

LOVE the cat walking past the line of German Shepherds.