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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Funny Dog ~ Tucker's Game ~ American Pharaoh ~ America's Got Talent Lie ~ Aluminum Foil Preserves Veggies

Good 53º sunny clear morning. Hit 94º yesterday and the AC was on all day and one of the units on all night! UGH.
Here is a funny dog photo sent to me from Ike (Saben - LASD ret)
                                            Dog 1 ... Humans 0 !
Yesterday was Tucker's last little league game. The game was 3-5 and it was HOT! When I left here it was 91º. Brian put up his State Farm pop up tent, thank goodness! 

We did get an occasional breeze, but it was pretty danged hot!
Since we sat so high up on the bleachers and it was hard to get a clear photo of Tucker through the fence. Here he is at bat..

.... then catching....

What a great game! All the team had base hits and a couple home runs and caught fly balls and they won by 7 runs!
Best friends, Tucker and Troy:
Best friends Dana and Sami:

Jen had the streaming horse race on her phone and was so happy that American Pharaoh won the triple crown!

That horse is amazing and won by 4 lengths!
It's sad that last year California Chrome lost the triple crown and had to race against horses who DID NOT race in the Kentucky Derby or Preakness and one of them won. Personally I believe that horses in the running for Triple Crown should race in all three of those races! JMHO!

I posted that video of the wounded war vet singing on America's Got Talent. Now they are saying he lied.... This is sad.

Historically this date..............
1892 – Benjamin Harrison becomes the first President of the United States to attend abaseball game.

1899 – American Temperance crusader Carrie Nation begins her campaign of vandalizingalcohol-serving establishments by destroying the inventory in a saloon in Kiowa, Kansas.

1982 – Priscilla Presley opens Graceland to the public; the bathroom where Elvis Presleydied five years earlier is kept off-limits.

1991 – Mount Pinatubo explodes generating an ash column 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) high.

And births this date include...
1848 – Paul Gauguin, French painter (d. 1903)

1917 – Dean Martin, American singer and actor (d. 1995)
Amazing he lived to be 78 with all the constant smoking he did. Of course, he died from lung cancer.


1940 – Tom Jones, Welsh singer

He was so yummy.....

and with his wife..... oh do read about his "personal life" in the his name....

1952 – Liam Neeson, Northern Irish actor
He certainly carried on after his wife's death... but then, here he is just one year later...... (ass)

1958 – Prince, American musician
.... the more strange you are, the more fame comes your way

Here is a good kitchen hint sent to me by Linda Rhorbacher (gf of Jon Harting .. Wilsonite, who bought Jerry's John Deere)
Wrap celery and broccoli in aluminum foil
21 Kitchen                                    Tricks that Will Save You Time &                                    Money
Wrapping celery and broccoli in aluminum foil and keeping it as airtight as possible can preserve them for up to a month. The reason is that fresh celery/broccoli has the right amount of moisture inside, and by keeping it in the airtight foil, it keeps it fresh and crisp for longer. Thanks Linda!!
All I know. Happy Sunday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 7th
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day


Anonymous said...

Oh My. I breaks my heart if Sgt. Poe lied on AGT. He was sure crying real tears in the interview. Weird. If he did lie how in the world did he think he could get away with it?

Interesting read re Tom Jones. His wife must be a saint to have put up with all his affairs!

Congrats to Tucker and his team for their great win and on such a hot day too!

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

I don't think Poe is mentally all there and surely his wife knew the truth. You'd think she'd say something!!!!! xoxo

Oregon Sue said...

I don't think Poe is mentally all there and surely his wife knew the truth. You'd think she'd say something!!!!! xoxo