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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ca Earthquakes ~ Claire's Articles ~ Quinoa Salad ~ Jennifer's w/ Bob & Micol... Heaven, Keeper, and Bridey ~ Pete & Cyndi

Good 56º sunny clear morning. This is the temp we generally warm up to in the winter! UGH. Should stay in the mid to high 90ºs all week. Whine whine whine... too hot for me!

This came across yesterday about 11am. Just in case you didn't hear about it or see it on the news...
Saturday, July 05, 2014
At least one earthquake hit the Big Bear area on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The quake registered with a preliminary magnitude of 4.8 at 9:59 a.m. near Running Springs. A second quake registered at 10 a.m. near Big bear with a preliminary magnitude of 4.6.

So far no damages or injuries were reported.

Eyewitness News viewers reported feeling the shaking in Fullerton, Victorville, San Bernardino, Riverside and Apple Valley.

My friend Claire writes for the local Rogue River Press and for The Examiner. Here is her article on container gardening..

I LOVE frogs.... and love this picture:

Busy yesterday, sort of, making salad .. Jennifer invited me over along with Bob and Micol for a post 4th get-together. She works at the Kitchen Company in Grants Pass and had gone to a party at her boss's house on the 4th. She took hot dogs and buns, but had some left so it was barbecue hot dogs time....

The salad I made started with cooking quinoa with a big spoon of crushed garlic in the water. Cooked in rice cooker. Cooled. 

Then I cut up celery, sweet peppers, drained and quartered  some artichoke hearts, and drained sliced mushrooms.

Next I grated some zucchini, put it in a colander with salt and let it sit 30 minutes, then squeezed out the extra moisture.

I heated pre-cooked bacon til crisp, drained on paper towels, cut up and cut up some goat cheese...

Cut up some sugar snap peas...

and mixed everything together...

Serve with your favorite dressing (or not) and top with crunchy salad tortilla strips..... Jeannie makes a similiar salad and uses a poblano chili dressing from Fred Meyer. Or... a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice drizzled over would be good.... or a light Asian dressing.

At Jennifer's Bob manned the barbecue and beer.... Poor Bob, a brave man... stuck with three women!

Jennifer, Micol, and I manned the wine!

Dinner was super! Jennifer's ginormous hot dogs with homemade sauerkraut, Micol's corn on the cob and pasta salad, and my quinoa salad. Micol heated the corn in the micro in the husks, removed the silk, spread on mayonnaise and a spice (I can't remember) and wrapped in foil. Bob reheated them on the barbecue. OMGOOOOOD!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer's pets.... Heaven (a Great Pyrenees mix), Keeper (Australian Shepherd), and FAT CAT Bridey Murphy!

Great evening. Thank you all!!! xoxo

Today is a special anniversary...Cyndi and Pete Moreno ... 29 years! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!
Here is Pete and Cyndi in Bar Harbor Maine in 2008 when we were on a cruise from NY to Halifax and back down the east coast.

Historically this date...
1785 – The dollar is unanimously chosen as the monetary unit for the United States.

1854 – In Jackson, Michigan, the first convention of the United States Republican Party is held.

1994 – Storm King MountainGlenwood Springs, ColoradoSouth Canyon Fire: 14 firefighters died in the fire.

2006 – The Nathula Pass between India and China, sealed during the Sino-Indian War, re-opens for trade after 44 years.

And births this date include....

1925 – Merv Griffin, American television show host (d. 2007)

1927 – Janet Leigh, American actress (d. 2004)


1946 – Sylvester Stallone, American actor

Really irritated with either my computer or the danged AOL. Had the blog mostly written and AOL shut down and I had to re-do it all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................... Hopefully I can get my new computer from Turk sometime soon. He's not been feeling well, so a delay in him looking at it. The most important thing is for Turk to be better!

All I know. Happy Sunday. Nuff said. Ciao
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 6th
National Fried Chicken Day


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your food looked wonderful and looked like you had a great time. I am sure Bob enjoyed being the only guy there with you lovely women! :)

Yesterday morning I was sitting here and Eric was in the small family room. He said EARTHQUAKE! I said What? I felt nothing! Good! There was a road closure up there due to rock slides.

Oh I HATE it when AOL logs me off or shuts down in the middle of something. That's why when I am writing to you girls I save it to Mail Waiting constantly so it's there if that happens.


XOX Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

My problem is that I've had AOL for 20 years and looked into yahoo, gmail, msn, etc, and don't like their set up. Sigh.....

Wow, Eric felt the earthquake!

Go to GW's FB page and write HB to him! xo

Lydia said...

Good article!

Anonymous said...

Sue, I'm with you re AOL. It is sooo user friendly and when I have to go to Yahoo it's like I'm in a foreign country! Hate it! I love my AOL!

XO Trisha

Anonymous said...

Neat picture of those 3 frogs!
Love that picture of Keeper. Wish I could capture my boy like that. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had such a great time with your friends and such a variety of yummy sounding food.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT!!! We miss you! Ditto on that!!!
And I join you in sending hearty get well wishes to Turk.
Have a great day.
Hugs, Erika

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks E!!! Will pass along your wishes to Turk. xo