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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buddy the Dog ~ Joe ~ Nancy & Dave ~ Wild Weather ~ Jen's Mary Poppins Party

Good 59º clear and sunny gonna be hot today morning.

The following is an amazing video of Buddy the German Shepherd who guides an Alaskan State Trooper and saves the day! Thanks Linda (Watterlond ..Wilson S'63) Terror for sharing this!

AND a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to friend and hubby of Linda (Watterlond) Joe Terror!
Hope you have a GREAT day Joe!!!

Today is also the special 35th wedding anniversary of my special friends, Nancy and Dave Perry. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!!!
(LOL, with their "child" Skeeter!)


1804 – Former United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton dies a day after being shot in a duel.

1917 – The Bisbee Deportation occurs as vigilantes kidnap and deport nearly 1,300 striking miners and others from Bisbee, Arizona.
 .... Interesting, as my mother lived in Bisbee at the time. She was 12 and my grandfather was a mining engineer at the Lavender Pit Mine. Never heard this discussed.

1962 – The Rolling Stones perform their first ever concert, at the Marquee Club in London.

2007 – U.S. Army Apache helicopters perform airstrikes in BaghdadIraq; footage from the cockpit is later leaked to the Internet.

And births this date include....
1854 – George Eastman, American inventor (d. 1932)

Thank God for George, or what would I take pictures with???
This was my first camera...


1864 – George Washington Carver, American botanist (d. 1943)

 Yeah George....peanut butter is one of my favorite foods!!! Thanks!

1908 – Milton Berle, American comedian (d. 2002)

1937 – Bill Cosby, American comedian and actor

1948 – Richard Simmons, American fitness trainer
.........and really weird

1951 – Brian Grazer, American film producer
.....somebody ought to buy this dingbat a hairbrush!

1951 – Cheryl Ladd, American actress

1957 – Rick Husband, American astronaut (d. 2003)

Yesterday morning with all the clouds covering us we had thunder. I heard it about 4 times. Then about 9am the rain started coming down. Didn't last long. Stayed just about 60º. Then again noon, more rain. By 3pm it was 85º and clouds were dissipating. Finally hit 90º.

Brian put together a surprise 40th birthday party for his lovely wife Jennifer at Tap Rock last evening. The theme was Mary Poppins, as Jen is a fan and has named her business of children's parties "Practically Perfect Children's  Parties"   ...  Jen was totally surprised. Brian did an amazing job. Brian was Bert and I got Jen a Mary Poppins hat... a Smilebox to follow...

Coming home last night the full moon was amazing. No picture. Was too tired. Maybe tonight.
All I know. Happy Saturday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 12th
Different Colored Eyes Day

Different Colored Eyes Day has two reasons to celebrate.  First of all, it celebrates diversity of eye color. Wouldn't the world be boring, if everyone had the same color of eyes?
Secondly, it recognizes an eye condition called Heterochromia. People who have this trait,  have two different colors of eyes. One eye may be brown, while the other is blue.  Famous people who have Heterochromia include David Bowie, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Walken.
Your eyes are an important part of your appearance. They are also important in communications. When you look into your lover's eyes, you need to like what you see. Making "eye contact" just wouldn't be the same without different colored eye. Isn't it great that we have a variety of eye colors to set us apart from one another?
Eye colors include:
  • Shades of brown
  • Shades of blue
  • Shades of green
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Hazel


Lydia said...

LOVE the birthday list. Didn't know Jen did parties- what a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thing Brian did- and surprise- spell check accepted that long word!

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, Jen is an unbelievable party planner! Brian really outdid himself also! ox

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, Jen is an unbelievable party planner! Brian really outdid himself also! ox