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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sprinkles ~ Computer ~ Chocolate Cherry Coffee ~ Tuna & Egg ~ 115 Broiler w/ John & GloW ~ Pat ~ Tim

Good 62º late cloudy sprinkley morning. We're up to 1/2" of rain so far with this storm.

Ran out early (8am) and took new computer to Turk. He says when computers are put together deals are made for money by inserting stuff in computers by manufacturers. He's going to go through it this weekend and ditch any possible problems.  Thank goodness for my "computer guru"!

So, since yesterday was chocolate pudding day and I didn't have any chocolate pudding.... or rather just thought the diet kind of foods were not puddings.... I made some Harry and David's Chocolate Cherry Coffee and put in some DaVinci Chocolate syrup (sugar free) OMGOOOOOD!!!!!  A little sugar free creamer and I was in Heaven!

Blonde man joke from Lynn Helbing...
A blonde man shouts frantically into the phone, "My wife is pregnant and her
contractions are only two minutes apart!"
"Is this her first child?" asks the Doctor.
"No!" he shouts, "this is her husband!"

I know most of you think I eat weird things... probably true. Food, any kind, is a passion. So..... for breakfast I put part of a can of tuna in a frying pan with a tad of olive oil, cracked in an egg, sprinkled on TJ's 12 Spice, and when cooked topped with a piece of American cheese. 

Yesterday I met up with Gloria and John at The 115 Broiler in Grants Pass for lunch. 
'GloW' is the sister of my friend Edda down in Diamond Bar. She and John are staying in a mobile home park just north of Grants Pass. 
Gloria and John's last name is Whitley and so she goes by GloW! She  had a bowl of clam chowder she loved. John had a hamburger. I had crab stuffed mushrooms.
Thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the restaurant. Will go back. Then to the Elks for John to turn in his membership request. We had wine/beer...
GloW makes beautiful beaded jewelry and has it on display at the Lamp Light in Grants Pass, corner of 6th and G Streets..
John spent 27 years in the US Navy. Now retired they both wanted something else besides Washington state so are considering permanent residence here either in Grants Pass or maybe Rogue River. YEAH! They are both fun and so NICE! Enjoying their friendship.

I think it's fun that my grandmother and aunt lived on Whitley Avenue in Hollywood!

Today is a special birthday... my Greece travelin' pal, Pat Kelly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!!!

And it's also Tim Goslin's birthday. Tim the son of Avalon's former Fire Chief Jack Goslin.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!

On the fire truck in Avalon, Tim with younger brother Jack II and his dad Jack Sr. when Jack Sr was a captain.

Historically this date...
1950 – The United States decides to send troops to fight in the Korean War.

1957 – Hurricane Audrey makes landfall near the Texas-Louisiana border, killing over 400 people, mainly in and around Cameron, Louisiana.

1982 – Space Shuttle Columbia launched from the Kennedy Space Center on the final research and development flight mission, STS-4.

1985 – U.S. Route 66 is officially removed from the United States Highway System.

And births this date include....
1927 – Bob Keeshan, American actor (d. 2004)
Captain Kangaoo!

1949 – Vera Wang, American figure skater and fashion designer

1975 – Tobey Maguire, American actor

Dinner is going to be interesting tonight. Tomorrow is the Rogue River Rooster Crow and parade. Don't think I'll go to the parade, but later in the afternoon would like to go to see all the booths and have a glass of wine. Anyone interested in joining me?

All I know. Nuff said. Happy TGIF. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 27th

Sunglasses Day is a shady day for your eyes.
Summer is in full swing. The sun is high in the sky. It's blindingly bright. A pair of UV protection sunglasses is definitely in order.
Why do people wear sunglasses? There's lots of reasons, including:
  • You want to be a movie star and they all wear sunglasses.
  • You're looking to hide behind a big, dark pair of sunglasses, and travel unseen through the streets.
  • A little espionage, eh!?
  • You want to make a fashion statement.
  • And, Oh yes.... A few of us wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.
Did you know? Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Your Optician will tell you that sunglasses with UV protection, will help to avoid cataracts. They also report that UV rays can be stronger in the winter, as the sun's rays hit you on the way down....and as it is reflected back up from the snow.
Enjoy Sunglasses Day with a shady, mysterious and fashionable pair of sunglasses.



Anonymous said...

Would join you tomorrow in Rogue River, but family is coming and and having a big "50th" Anniversary party for my brother and his wife in Selma... Will see you Wed at the luncheon..(cancelled my other luncheon).. Dee

Oregon Sue said...

Oh Good Dee! I look forward to seeing you Wednesday!!! xox

Anonymous said...

I'll go to town with you ...I am unusually underemployed this weekend!!Isn't it wonderful it's not 100 degrees?!

Oregon Sue said...

Just a guess, is this PJ???

Lydia said...

Yep. Sunglasses are important. I think it is UV- A and B the doctor's down here prescribe.

I was at Edda's the other day- you have no idea how thrilled she was to get your call.

Oregon Sue said...

Her sis and bro-in-law are neat folks. I had fun with them. Can't wait for Edda to make the train trip up here! xo

Anonymous said...

Yippeee, Kye, Yay, I managed to survive our fab day, (whew!)Photos are super, you're a wonder. We have some fun plans ahead, GREAT summer, too. (John won $60 on the Elks machines, hee, hee! GloW