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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ice ~ Land That Made Me Me ~ Medical Terms ~ Mike ~ New Lens ~ Bruise & Dude ~ Cilantro Edamame Hummus ~ Nurses

Good 34º morning. Ice on barn roof and I can hear the wind generators
coming from the vineyards across the road.


This came from Brian Cook
(LASD ret worked Temple with Jerry)....
if you are my age (or older) you will
really appreciate this video!

This is funny. Love it! Came from Mike Nelson
(LASD ret who also worked with Jerry at Temple).
Thank for the laughs Mike!
Medical Term
Irish Definition
The study of paintings
Back door to cafeteria
What doctors do when patients die
What you be, after you be eight
Caesarean Section
A neighbourhood in Rome
Cat scan
Searching for Kitty
Made eye contact with her
A sheep dog
A punctuation mark
To live long
Unfriendly female
Quicker than someone else
A small lie
Distinguished, well known
Labour Pain
Getting hurt at work
Medical Staff
A Doctor's cane
A higher offer
Rates of Pay for Working at Night,
Normally more money than Days
I knew it
A person who has fainted
Second cousin to Elvis
Post Operative
A letter carrier
Recovery Room
Place to do upholstery
Nearly killed him
Hiding something
Roman Emperor
A small table
Terminal Illness
Getting sick at the airport
One plus one more
Opposite of you're out

Yesterday Mike came over and weed-eated a whole lot more. Fence
lines and the creek bed....  

I mowed abut 2 acres. The sun came and went. It warmed to
67º. Of course we knew it was going to rain, PJ washed her car!

I got a new lens for my camera. It's a 17-50 mm.
I took the following with it...

The Bruise and Dude were watching Mike...


Cilantro Edamame Hummus


Traditionally made with chickpeas, this hummus has a new twist using 
shelled edamame. Serve with pita chips or celery sticks. Healthy!
1 (12oz) package frozen shelled edamame (green soybeans)
2 cloves garlic
½ cup tahini
½ cup water
½ cup packed cilantro leaves
¼ cup lemon juice
3 T olive oil
1 t. kosher or sea salt
¾ t. ground cumin
1/8 t. cayenne pepper
Place edamame in large pot of salted water. Put over med 
heat and bring to simmer. Cook til tender, about 5 min. Drain.
Puree garlic in food processor until minced, add edamame, 
 tahini, water, cilantro, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, cumin, 
and cayenne. Blend until smooth.

Historically this date....
1960 – Cold WarU-2 Crisis of 1960 – Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev announces that his nation is holding American U-2 pilot Gary Powers.

1964 – Pacific Air Lines Flight 773, a Fairchild F-27 airliner, crashes near San Ramon, California, killing all 44 aboard; the FBI later reports that a cockpit recorder tape indicates that the pilot and co-pilot had been shot by a suicidal passenger.

1998 – Mercedes-Benz buys Chrysler for $40 billion USD and forms DaimlerChrysler in the largest industrial merger in history.

2004 – American businessman Nick Berg is beheaded by Islamic militants
The act is recorded on videotape and released on the Internet.2007 – Israeli archaeologists discover the tomb of Herod the Great south of Jerusalem.

And births this date include....
1885 – George 'Gabby' Hayes, American actor (d. 1969)

1901 – Gary Cooper, American actor (d. 1961)
1922 – Darren McGavin, American actor (d. 2006)

1948 – Susan Atkins, American murderer (d. 2009)

All I know. Happy Hump Day. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
May 7th
This is National Nurses Week and today is
National School Nurse Day

My hat is off to all nurses for the jobs they do.
It's certainly not something I could do!  

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Lydia said...

GREAT lens. Only thing better were the Irish definitions):-